Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gift Wrap Challenge Update

I have been cleaning a lot of dust and clutter out of my basement to find a gift wrapping area.  I managed to fill the recycle bin in one day.  

If this is your first time to my blog you might want to click to see the basement space before I began to de-clutter.   

Now I have a clean area to work with.  
This will be my main working space.  I want to hang a giant peg board behind the counter to organize supplies.  Notice the white spray paint on the counters from my vase project.....I will need to paint the counters as well.  

This is my Gift Wrapping Cabinet where all my supplies are...I want to add a wall to the back and ribbon racks on the side someday in the .......future.  

Here is the inside of the cabinet.  I would like to add a back to the cabinet and labels to the containers.  

Now I need decide.......Do I want to paint the cabinets white or black during spring break????

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