My Reading Log

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  I  LOVE to read, however finding the time to read is another story.  In 2012, my goal was to make time to read.  I created this page as a way to keep track of my reading.  I do not write down the basic information about the books you can read that on Amazon, I write how the book influences me or my life. So here begins my reading log and my thoughts on the books I read.

As the years go by I have noticed I read a lot of the same types of books so I have been trying to mix it up a bit and add more fiction.

2016--I am reading a lot of fiction books this year and I came up with my own rating system. 

My rating system:
5 Stars =  Amazing  A book I could not put down nor could I stop talking about it.  I recommend this book to everyone I know. 
4 Stars = A wonderful book  A book that I couldn't wait to read.  I would rather read this book than watch TV.  I would recommend this book to certain people depending on their reading habits.  
3 Stars = A great book  A book I enjoyed reading during my reading time.  Generally I struggle to get into the book at the beginning but once I am half way through the book I can't wait to finish it. I may or may not recommend this book.
2 Stars = A good book  A book I struggled to read but yet I wanted to know what happen next or wanted to know how it ended.  I probably will not recommend this book to anyone. 
1 Star = A book I did not enjoy  This is a book I probably did not finish or if I did I wish I didn't waste my time reading.