Friday, October 21, 2016

The Simple Joys of Life

I had a wonderful week with my grand daughter.  My husband and I  went to the pumpkin farm with her and her parents.  

She was amazed by everything she saw.  She loved the hayride and the tractor.  She smiled the whole time we rode on it and pointed at the people and the apple trees.   When we arrived at the pumpkin patch she was thrilled to see the pumpkins.  We had to touch every pumpkin she could see.  Her mom and dad found a little pumpkin for her.  She thinks it is a ball and she picks it up and throws it.  

On Wednesday her mommy had a doctor's appointment so I was able to baby sit.  We went outside for a walk.  The leaves are falling by us now and my little sweetheart is very aware of all the leaves.  We had to stop and touch every leaf we found on the sidewalk.  Then we came across some old leaves and she discovered they make a "crunch" sound.  I taught her to throw the leaves up in the air.  She sat on the sidewalk for 25 minutes and played with the leaves.  

It just goes to show you the best things in life are FREE!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Week 3 -- Cleaning Garage and Cars

This week my organizing challenge is the garage and I have to admit, our garage is ugly. It desperately needs a facelift.  None of our cabinets match and the garage needs to be painted.  

However it is organized and cleaned.  Over the past few years we have purchased cabinets and a tool bench with wheels.  If you live in a cold weather state you will appreciate the ability to moved everything out of your garage and wash it down in the summer. However because we purchased our cabinets over a ten year period we ended up with cabinets that do not match, they are similar but not exact.  

We have three large cabinets that store most small items in our garage.
Cabinet 1 has a lot of items we use a lot.

  • dog items
  • bike items
  • garage bags
  • glass jars
  • shopping bags
  • garden supplies
  • small flags 

Cabinet 2 has less used items in it, you know things we only use once or twice though out the year.  

  • tools/mini vacuum cleaner
  • bubble and sidewalk chalk
  • different types of sports balls
  • mats for the cars
  • buckets for washing the cars

Cabinet 3 is mainly for storing rags and old sheets.

We also have our winter boots we use for shoveling and going up north.

We swept all the leaves out of the garage and I cleaned the little wagon and covered it up for the winter.  

I cleaned all the junk out of my car and put the ice scraper in it. 

Now I have a moment to dream, here is one of my dream garage ideas.   


Monday, October 17, 2016

October Week 2 -- Preparing for Winter

The weather is definitely changing here, it was 35 degrees this morning when I woke up.  However I love the Fall Season.  The leaves are just starting to change colors and I get to wear my jeans and favorite sweaters again.  The air smells so fresh and there are apple pies for sale everywhere.  

This week for my organizing job I am organizing the front closet. This is not a fancy closet or anything.  It is just a basic closet that we use everyday for coats and stuff.  

I have a mental checklist as I work through this closet:

1.  Are there any coats, scarves, hat or mittens that I no longer want....I will donate those.

2.  Then I go through I all the bins on the shelves making sure the gloves all have a match.  If there is to much stuff in a bin I try to weed out and donate some items...i.e. My husband's cap collection.  He seems to accumulate a lot of free caps throughout the year.  

3.  Next I clean everything out and wash the shelves, walls, and floor....and our winter jackets and spray my boots. 

4.  Lots of times I find "summer items"  flip flops, bike shoes, and rain gear, I put those away for next year.  We will need room for our winter boots.   

Then everything goes back in.  Granted my closet is organized for adults, I don't have to worry about little children getting ready. When you organize your closet you have to make it functional for you.  
Boy's Side

Girl's side

We have always organized our big front closet by boys and girls.  Yes we had four boys and two girls, however the girls had more stuff.  Plus we keep the dining room table extensions on the girl side of the closet.  This worked for us, you have to keep organizing and re-organizing until you find what works best for you.   

Now it's just a his and hers front closet and yet we still manage to fill it up.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ideas for Fall Decorating

I am a little behind in my Fall decorating, however I promise to get my act together this weekend.  I found some awesome ideas I want to incorporate in my home for this Fall.  

I love this table setting from Crate and Barrel.  I think I need to stop there and see what I can pick up.  I like the little pumpkin dishes and the napkins.  
crate and barrel
I also love these adorable turkey place holders.  Super Cute!
crate and barrel
This will be easy enough to do.  I am going to the pumpkin farm this weekend so I will pick up some big pumpkins.  

I like this simple candle idea for the kitchen table.  We have Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room however I still like to have something simple on the kitchen table.  
The next two items are dream items.  First of all I don't even have a screen in porch, however it is a dream of mine.  What would I put on my porch....a reading area.  Look at this beautiful reading chair and side table.  This would be so comfy to read in each day.  

Dear Lillie
And look at this adorable table and chair set....a place to drink some tea and eat breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning....on my dreamy porch.  
Funky Junk Interiors

Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Away -- Osthoff Resort

When I decided to work part-time a co-worker and I switched places. She had not taught in a classroom in a while and so she was very excited to inherit a lot of my teaching things.  As most teachers know we own a lot of our materials they do not belong to the school, so she was extremely grateful for what I had given her.  She gave me a gift certificate for a one night stay at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. 

It was a beautiful Fall weekend to be at the Osthoff Resort.  We wanted to go biking however it was very windy on Saturday.  So we walked and drove around instead.  
The leaves where just starting to change colors and the temp. was in the lower 50's.  It was beautiful out.  On Saturday morning there was a little Farmer's Market in town and a cute coffee shop.  
This was a view at dinner time when we ate at Lola's.  The dinner and wine were delicious.  When we went back to our room we could not get a movie on the TV so we watched a couple episodes of The Blacklist on Netflix. 

It was just a nice day to relax, read and talk without worry about our day to day responsibilities.