Friday, June 24, 2016

The Fringe Hours

"You will never find time for anything.  If you want time, you must make it."  
Charles Bixton

I read The Fringe Hours this past Spring on vacation.  I didn't plan on reading the whole book during vacation however my husband was not feeling well so I had some extra free time.  Unfortunately my life has been incredible crazy the past several months I haven't been able to apply many of the ideas from the book.  However it did make me re-evaluate my how I live my daily life and what is important to me.  After much thought and discussion I decided to work part-time next year. 


  • Just because something is good doesn't mean it is good for you.
This statement hit home with me.  I struggle daily with food and what I want to eat and what I should eat don't always line up.  
  • Sometimes too many good things can be TOO much.
  • Make room in your schedule to need to make room for you.

I am taking this year to BREATHE and make room for what I need to do for making me healthy and happy.  I have been saying for years I need to make myself and my health a priority and this year taking a huge step back and doing so.  I am super scared how this will all play out but I need to do something different to make the changes I want to make.  

  • If what you do doesn't matter to you, it's really not going to matter to anyone else.
I have learned over the past several years that I matter to me and my family matters to me and although my students matter to me my number one priority has to me my health, spiritual awareness and my family and after that is all extra blessing.  It should not be my number one priority.  

Finding Balance

  • Extend GRACE to others and YOURSELF ....offer kindness.
I can still teach and work with children without having to be the lead teacher.  But stepping out of that role will free me up to work on the list below....
  • Take care of your HEALTH and BODY
  • Give and Receive LOVE
  • PRAY
  • Express Gratitude
  • Make time for your Passions

"Don't go through life, GROW through life."  Eric Butterworth

The Fringe Hours Manifesto

  1.   Make Time for Yourself
  2.   There is no room for guilt and comparison. 
  3.   You must take care of yourself  MIND/BODY/SOUL
  4.   Pursue your PASSIONS
  5.   Spend 5 minutes doing something you love instead of wasting time.  
  6.   Get/Ask for help when needed.
  7.   Community Matters!
  8.   Give Thanks!
  9.   Choose Joy!
  10.   Life may not be perfect, but it is BEAUTIFUL.    

I thought I would take a moment to refresh and update my goals/purpose statements I wrote a couple years ago.

My essential purpose:

To find balance in my life between the things that I love most:  My family, Creating/Organizing, Sacred Time, and Teaching and still take the time to focus on healthy living and exercise so that I am enjoying each day feeling that I put forth the best version of myself that day.

My Goals:
1.     Healthy Living/Exercise is top priority of my daily routine.
2.    Daily Maintain a clean and organized house.
3.     Focus on 3 small tasks a day. 
4.    Reshape Sundays so that it is Family time and Sacred Time. 

My Life Guidelines

1.     Be The Best Version Of Yourself
2.     Reprogram Yourself to be Healthy
·      Drink Lots of Clean Pure Water
·      Go To Bed Early so you have time to Read-Think-Reflect
·      Eat Natural Grown Healthy Foods (Walk Away from Process)
·      Exercise Daily
·      Take Vitamins
3.    Focus on one thing at a time.
4.    Always be polite/fair/and kind to the people around you.  Fill the world with smiles!
5.    Spend a few minutes each day on a creative project. 
6.    Self Control and Discipline is a gift to you.  Make a decision and then commit to it. 
7. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. Simplicity is the way to clarity. 

**All graphics in this post were found on Pinterest.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Better Than Before Book Review

I enjoyed this book by Gretchen.  It was perfect for me right now in my life because I am thinking through what changes do I need to make in order to get myself healthy.  Gretchen left me with a lot of notes to contemplate.   

Gretchen's Habits Manifesto:
*What we do everyday matters more than what we do once in a while.
*Focus on actions not outcomes.
*Make sure the things you do to feel better don't make you feel worse.
*People who self regulate themselves are happier and healthier.
*Habits make change possible by freeing us from decision making and from using self-control.

I love the Habits Manifesto.  I hate to admit this but my philosophy since my cancer ordeal is I start to eat healthy once I feel better or once the school year is over.  I need to focus daily and make choices daily to make myself feel good.  

Foundation Habits:
1.  Sleep
2.  Exercise
3.  Eat and Drink Healthy
4.  Unclutter

Foundation Habits tend to reinforce each other and sometimes make profound change possible.

The first thing I want to work on this summer is building my own Foundation Habits.  I am going to start with Gretchen's foundation habits they are the key to what I need to do in my life.    


The quote above is something that is so true to me.  I am working on trying to change my eating habits.  I will be working on small changes each week this summer.  

How we schedule our days is how we spend our lives.  Small steps lead to Big Steps.  

Divide your day into four parts.  
Everything Counts!
If you blow one quarter of your day....get right back on track....
Fail small....Not BIG!

People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have ALLOWED themselves to become

Monday, May 2, 2016

Little Peanut's 2nd Birthday

It was my little granddaughter's 2nd birthday last month.  She is growing and learning something new each day.  My son and his wife wanted a simple birthday party for her this year.  So the theme this year was birds and banners.  

My mom and I made a birthday banner for her....
Then I made her a birthday card with birds....
I wrote a little note inside that summarized our year together and my favorite picture of the year. 
This is the cake my son and his wife special ordered for the day.
And at the end of the birthday party the birthday girl had a special message to share with everyone. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Rest of My Gifts

The last time I posted was right before Easter and then we went on a short vacation when we came back I have been swamped with work.  But I am here to post the end of my 29 Gifts.  

25.  Compassion for a sick person on the plane....
We had a horrible landing into Las Vegas.  It was a very windy day and needless to say the plane tossed and bounced and we came into the airport.  The women next to me got sick.  I offered her a clean bag and some kleenex.  I felt horrible for her.  I can't imagine being sick in front of strangers.    

26.  Giving to a homeless person.....
On the first day of our vacation my husband was sick.  So I had a little time on my own.  I could not believe how many homeless people there was in Las Vegas.  So I purchased two Starbucks gifts cards and drop them in two peoples' buckets.  I didn't want to give cash because I wanted them to get food or coffee.  

27.  Rounding up at the check out line..
Another thing I did in Vegas was at the check out lines I was always being asked to round up for different causes.  This is something I do at the grocery store however I continued to do it on vacation.  It seems like more and more stores and starting to do this.  

28.  Collecting the soaps at the hotel to give to the homeless shelter
Before I left on vacation I read in the school newsletter that the men's prayer group would be collecting toiletries for the homeless. So I packed my own soaps and then at the hotel collected their little soaps for the homeless.  Then when I arrived home I went to Target and picked up a toothbrush and toothpaste.  

29.  Giving away my stash of JUNK....
For the last couple of years I have been collecting toilet tubes and lids from sour cream and yogurt containers.  I was saving for art projects for my classroom.  I decided I didn't need to hold on to these no more and so I donated them to the art room at my school.  

What I learned from this process
I think the gifts I enjoyed giving the most were the ones people did not expect to receive.  I especially liked giving something that did not cost something.  I enjoyed giving my time or something of my self.  I also felt that I was more thoughtful and patient towards other people and that was a good feeling.  

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gift 24 -- E-Card


Today I received an e-thank you card from one of my students.  I thought it was super cute.  It has been a LOOOOOOONG time since I sent an e-card so I decided to send one to my grand-daughter.  I don't know if she will understand yet but I thought I would at least try.

I sent her the bunny and egg one in the middle and inside I put a graphic of a chick because I know she loves birds.  My son said she saw the bird.  I hope she made a little connection. 
She is pointing at the card.  Pointing is her favorite thing to do right now.