Monday, July 25, 2016

June/July's House Project: CLEAN THE GUEST ROOM


For the most part I have kept this room straighten all year except for the three buckets of junk that belong to my son.  He moved out a year ago and still has not taken them to his apartment.  

However, in April I decided to teach part-time next year.  That meant I had to clean out my classroom.  I left most of my things at school for the new teacher however there were a few things I thought I could use in a part time position and a couple things I wanted just in case I ever have to go back to full time teaching.  

For two months I would carry two bags full of stuff home.  I would try to find a home for them right away however there were things I just didn't know where to put.  So they ended up in the guest room.
After school ended I decided I would use this corner behind the guest room door to put my school things.  This is where I just put my goodwill donation bags.  I ordered some file boxes from Target and I went to Ikea and picked up another shelf.  Then the organizing began.  It took several days but I got everything in the boxes on the shelves.
I do have a couple things on the top of the shelf I plan on taking back to school for my part time position.  I will have just a locker for my coat, purse and a few school things. So not much is going back.   

After cleaning up my school mess the rest was easy.  I found some old pictures from the dining room in the basement and had my husband hang them up over the bed and the bookshelves.  I went through everything and if we were not using it I donated it.  So some of the baskets are now empty.   

My shoe organizer from Ikea was empty so I moved my scrapbook paper tablets in there. Unfortunately the little strips keep falling of it, my husband said if I pick up some Gorilla Glue that should hold it down.  

I also went through the closet and reorganized our storage baskets and donated more things.  Most of the stuff in the baskets belong to my daughter. She does not have a lot of storage space in her apartment.  

I realize the room is nothing fancy however it is cleaned and organized and yes I still have my son's buckets. I have them sitting on the other side of the bed where no one can see them.  He promised me the first week of August we will go through them.  

My goal is to keep this room clean!

Friday, July 22, 2016

I Love Biking

I thought for my Friday Favorites this week I would share with you my favorite memory of the week.  If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I love to bike.  I didn't get to bike much last year due to my cancer so I am very excited to be biking this summer.  I have started out a bit slow and thank goodness for my patient husband who doesn't ride to far ahead of me.  

This past week my husband took a few days off of work so we were able to go riding on several different bike trails near our home. We generally bike on the Oak Leaf Trail because that is the one that is closest to our house.  However for Christmas we got a new  bike rack so we were able to go out and try some new trails.  

Two of the three new trails we rode on were lined with trees. I definitely want to go back in Fall and ride these trails when the trees are changing colors. 

It feels good to be able to bike again! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Book Review: Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It

I picked up this book because Gretchin Rubin suggested this book in her book, Better Than Before.  It was very informative and far more technical of a read than I prefer.

However I did pick up several important quotes and ideas worth sharing.  

"The one thing we absolutely have to do to get leaner is to lower our insulin levels and secrete less insulin to begin with than we will burn fat!"

"You don't lose fat because you cut lose fat because you cut out foods that make you fat!.....carbohydrates!"

"You Must Break The Cycle!"


Stop eating...Pasta, Bagels, Bread, FRENCH FRIES, CHIPS and my personal favorite  SWEETS!

FOR the rest of your life!!

That doesn't seem to leave much left especially if you are me and you already have so many food restrictions.  But I am going to give it my best shot....because if I don't make some changes that I will remain the same.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Chicken Waldorf Salad

I know it looks a little bit plain....please let me explain.  If you have read my blog for a bit you may have picked up I have a lot of food issues.  I am not allergic to anything however many, and I do mean the word many, foods make me sick. I am not being fussy and at one time I loved many of the foods that now make me sick.  It was hard to break the habit of eating them. However, I end of with huge cramps and spending hours in the bathroom.  I decided something had to change.  So I, with the help from a nutritionist, have narrowed down my food choices.  I eat somewhere between a SCD and a FODMAP diet combined.  I am able to tolerate at the moment a couple of regular processed products such as coconut milk, kraft mayo with olive oil, and and organic yogurt and some white cheeses, and potato chips (my stand by for everything). However after that I am making everything on my own.

My goal is to develop a new recipe book with meals that I can make that do not make me sick.  Lots of the recipes I need to modify in order to eat them.  My adult children call them "Mom's weird food"  however my loving husband has been eating everything with me. I am sharing them in case someone else is struggling as well.  

This is one of my favorite recipes.  I make this a lot.  I love grilled chicken and it is super easy to throw together in 30 minutes.  I found the original Chicken Waldorf Salad recipe in Danielle Walker's Against All Grain Cookbook and modified it for me.
Keep in mind from the original recipe I could only have three or four items.     

Click Here for a copy of my recipe. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Vacation in Las Vegas

I am very late writing about our vacation to Las Vegas, however I just never had the opportunity to organize the pictures and write about our vacation. We went to Las Vegas for Spring Break to get away for warmer weather. 

We left on March 28th and flew on Southwest Airlines.  It was my first time on Southwest and I experienced their line up procedure. It was a crazy.  I think it is so much easier to assign seats, but that is my opinion.  

When we arrived in Las Vegas it was extremely windy so our landing was very bumpy.  The woman next to me got sick.  I offered her some kleenex and another sick bag. I did my best to hold it together.  
The pilot had to abort the landing and attempt another landing from another direction.  

 My first impressions of Las Vegas were LOUD-CLUTTERED-OVERCROWED! Just to much!  This is not like our other vacations were we get away to rest and relax. Once we checked into our hotel room at the Paris Resort we both had to rest and regroup a bit after that landing.  

The Paris Resort is amazing.  All the french decorations, tons of Eiffel tower decorations, I was overwhelmed.  (Paris is my favorite city.)  When it was time for dinner it was hard for me to find something gluten-free.  We ended up eating at Jimmy Buffet's Bar and Grill.  

After dinner we took a cab down to Fremont Street to see the old Vegas Strip.  It was overwhelming as well.  There was an enormous TV screen which covered several blocks and it was the ceiling of the mall area.  Every hour it played a musical/visual presentation. 

Day 2 did not go so well.  My husband woke up extremely sick.  He did not get out of bed all day.  I ended up walking around Planet Hollywood by myself looking for a drugstore to find him crackers and white soda. 

I did a lot of reading and walking around the resorts close to us. We did not go to our show that night.   

Day 3 was much better.  My husband woke up and was full of energy but we decided to stay close to the hotel just in case that changed. My husband was in Las Vegas a couple years ago and he wanted to show me the mall inside Caesar's Palace.  It was huge and it was decorated like Ancient Greece.  We found a Starbucks there so I was able to get a drink and marshmallow dream bar.  I could not get over the ceilings and the fountains inside the mall.  We decided to eat dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. The staff there was great, they went out of their way to make a meal I could eat.  It was so delicious. The view of the Bellagio fountains across the street was just fabulous.  

Afterwards we went to the Luxor Resort to see the Blue Man Group. This show was a new experience for us as well.  It was so much fun. We also went to see the Bones Exhibit.  My husband thought it was very interesting and I thought it was gross. 

We wanted to go to the Hoover Dam however we had an early show tonight so we decided to walk the other way and see those resorts. We walked down to Treasure Island, which was no big deal, however we found the Venetian Resort.  It looked like Venice, Italy.  It even had little boats and canals outside and inside the mall.  The mall inside the resort was beautiful and there was a huge waterfall and big blue butterflies and flowers.

We walked to the New York Resort because Andrew (my son) said it was amazing. I could not believe how over the top the resorts were. There was a bridge outside and a Statue of Liberty.   In the evening we went to the Bellagio to see Circus S O Show.  This show was absolutely amazing.  There were acrobats, synchronized swimming, high divers and the stage countinuously changed from a flat surface and then into a pool of different depths.  

However I think my favorite part of Las Vegas was our evening walk by the Bellagio fountains.  We found a quiet little bench to sit on and talk and drink our water.