Monday, August 14, 2017

The First Wall You See

This is the first wall you see when you walk in our house.  It is little and plain and it doesn't say much.  

I wanted to add something under the candle to welcome guests and let them know a little more about us.  I saw an idea on Pinterest and drew it out in my sketch book.  

It was super easy to put together.  I found a simple picture frame at Michaels that I liked and spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint.  

I drew the design on with pencil first and then traced over with the chalkboard marker.  

If you make a mistake the marker washes right off and you can try again.  

It is small and simple and I think it adds a little something to front hall and let's you know something about us. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Bullet Journal Class Review

I found the class Bullet Journaling for Book Lovers by Anne Bogel from Modern Mrs Darcy in the Ultimate Bundles I purchased.  Two things really stuck with me, 1)  Make your Bullet Journal your own and 2) Keep journals for different topics.    

Well that was easy....I have many notebooks.  You could say I have a notebook addiction. I have my Bullet Journal for daily events, my school journal for lesson notes, my reading journal for book notes, my blogging journal for project notes, my book notebook for keeping track of books I'm looking for, my life journal that keeps my personal goals, my prayer journal, my Fruity Lemonade Blog Journal that I record stats and blog goals and ideas, The Very Busy Kindergarten Blog Journal that I record stats and blog goals and ideas and finally my art journal where I just draw and do lettering for fun.   

I am constantly fine tuning my daily Bullet Journal.  It is not a work of art like most bullet journals you see on line it is my life book.  I work in pencil in my journal because life changes and I need to be ready to change with it.  
This is my monthly blogging page.  I have two blogs and I try to post on Mondays.  I brainstorm ahead of time what I plan on posting so I know what to focus on during the week.  I found this to be very helpful.  Some day my goal is to get a couple weeks ahead of schedule but that has not happened yet.    
The monthly calendar and goal page are very helpful when I am planning out my weekly pages.  I love the monthly calendar it works well for me. It definitely keeps all my appointments and commitments in one place.   
 I tried a new layout in July and found it very busy to read.  It had all the areas I wanted to focus on but there was just to much on a page.  So I am going back to a simpler page layout.  
I wrote the headings in pencil and now that I am writing in my notes I think I will change that for September.  Headings need to be in marker so they stand out more.  
 I added two new pages as well for August.  A challenge page and a Instagram page.  I am trying desperately to get 10,000 steps a day into my daily routine. I added that in to my calendar.  I am also trying to build my instagram accounts.  I joined some challenges there as well.  I wrote down the expectations and I am hoping to follow them.   
 At the back of my journal I am keeping a visual track of the books I am reading while working in this journal.  It is very rewarding to me to see the books fill up each week. 

One thing I would like to add to my journal is a reflection page at the end of the month.  

Monday, July 31, 2017

July Reading Log

I started using Instagram last month and started following some avid book readers as well as following the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy and I have read many references to the Jane Austen books.  So I decided to find out what all the talk was about.  So I set out this the month to read all her books.  I found this cute set of books at Half Price books and started reading. As I expected the books her books are about romance however I didn't expect there to be humor in the books.  I don't think I am going to write a recap of the stories because most people have read the stories I just want to say I really liked all the books but I think Pride and Prejudice was my favorite.  Here is how I would rank the stories:
1.  Pride and Prejudice
2.  Sense and Sensibility
3.  Emma
4.  Northanger Abby
5.  Mansfield Park
6.  Persuasion

I found this fun little quiz Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You? Check it out it was fun to see which character was most like me.  Here are my results. It sounds pretty much like me.   

I read two other books this month.  First I read,  One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  From the beginning you sort of know what will happen however it is so sad.  I cried several times throughout the story.  The book is hard to put down you just want to know what will happen.  How will Emma move on, who will she choose?  How can she choose?  I give this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.  You will just love it.  

The other book I read was Why Not Me?  by Mindy Kaling.  This book was about Mindy telling it like it is in Hollywood and show business.  She wrote about several experiences from her life...blah blah blah....she is very funny but the story doesn't really go anywhere. Mindy has worked hard to get to where she is and she is very funny. That's what I got out of it.   I give it ⭐⭐.   

Monday, July 17, 2017

My Reading Journal

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I LOVE to read.  I try to read a chapter or more each night and now I listen to audiobooks while I drive.  Over the years, I have forgotten what books I have read, that's what happens as you get old.  I have even read several chapters of a book and said, I already read this book.  

A couple of years ago I saw an idea on Pinterest that I thought was wonderful.......a reading journal.  Now why I thought this is was "new" idea when I was assigning my students to keep a weekly reading journal I don't know.  

Anyways in 2012 I found a beautiful notebook...
and I started to record my books.  As the years go by my entries have changed.  One thing that I have kept consistent is that I put a copy of the book cover in the journal.  That is a great visual reminder to me of the book. (I am a visual person.) 
I write down what was important to me.....quotes, thoughts, impressions, and other things that hit home.  Fiction books I generally rate and write brief summaries in case someone wants to know more about the story.   I want to make sure I give accurate facts and my true thoughts.    
I enjoy reading through my journal as well.  One of the things I noticed in my journal one year was I was only reading organizing and self help books.  So I made it a goal that year to read one fiction book a month.  Last year I noticed that a lot of my fiction stories took place in Paris, so this year my goal is to limit myself to one Paris book a month and stretch myself to read some classics or highly recommended books.  

I know I record my reading on this blog as well but there is something about having all my reading notes in one notebook that I just LOVE. #notebookaddict

Monday, July 10, 2017

Caterpillar Rocks for the Garden

In May I wrote about the ladybug rocks my grand-daughter and I made for the garden.  She had so much fun helping that we decided to make another project together.  One of her favorite stories is The Very Hungry Caterpillar so I thought it would be easy to make a caterpillar. We would make a simple caterpillar and she can practice counting the stones.
We made two caterpillars one for grandma's house and one for Haddie's house.  At grandma's house we found a patch of dirt to set up the caterpillar.  Then grandma went back later and planted some plants around the caterpillar.
The caterpillar is so easy to make, just find a few rocks and wash and spray paint them green and red.  I used circle sponges I found at Michael's for the eyes and nose.  Then I put two coats of Outdoor Mod Podge on the rocks.  

You will notice in the top picture I tried to make a Nemo rock for Haddie.  Right now she loves Nemo.  I let her take the Nemo rock home for her garden.   She put in near her playhouse.  

When Haddie comes over for a visit she likes to look for her ladybugs and caterpillar in the garden.  She has her rainbow ladybugs, her caterpillar and a butterfly windsock.  She is very proud of her things and likes to look at them for a while.