Monday, December 15, 2014

Reading Recommendation

Do you like to set goals each year?  I set goals each year and most of the time by February I have moved on to something else.  So this year I am looking to make real goals that I will live through 2015 and beyond.

Today this guide to set meaningful priorities for 2015 arrived in my inbox.  I have read the six page preview and I am excited to spend a few minutes thinking about how I want to make healthy changes in my life.

I know I need too.  My doctor has set out a new lifestyle for me.  I just need to get it all together.  I think the Healthy Living guide can help me get where I need to be.

It may be useful to you as well.  Happy 2015!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

30th Birthday

I can not believe my oldest child is already 30.  It seems like yesterday when these wonderful children lived at home with us and ran around the house.  We went to our son's house to celebrate his big birthday and of course there was a Packer Game.  A perfect way to celebrate his special day.  My daughter and I wanted to do something funny for his big day so we found this idea on Pinterest to recreate.  

I just used a jar from Ikea, stickers and three bags of kisses.  It was so easy and it made everyone laugh.  It was a great gift.

And here is my little peanut, she is celebrating 7 months now.  She is getting so cute now, she smiles and laughs.  However not usually for Grandma, she cries every time I pick her up.  Sometimes she even cries when I look at her.

Monday, December 1, 2014

My Christmas List for this year!

My Christmas and Birthday List for 2014/2015

I am saving for several big items this year so I am hoping for gift cards. 

First I want a TV for my craft room.  I love to listen to HGTV while I am working on projects.

32 inch TV / Gift Cards to Target

Secondly, I need some new furniture for my family room.  I am planning on making that room a quiet reading room for when my grand baby comes over.  I would love a rocking chair for when I read to her.  

Grandma Chair for the family room Pottery Barn Kids / Gift Cards to Pottery Barn

Next, I need a new Silhouette machine.  My machine broke and I haven't been able to make anything new lately. 
A new Silhouette Cameo / There are gift cards to Silhouette America but the website is not easy to figure out.

The rest of my list are prints I love from etsy.  I would love any of these prints for my dressing room or my craft room.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Countdown Book Review

google image

Can you believe that December 1st is tomorrow?  Where does the time go?  And now the rush is on to get ready for Christmas.  If you are like me, you probably like to create lists of things to do.  

Two years ago I put together a binder with different checklists to get ready for the holidays.  I like to modify the binder each year.

This year I received a free book in the mail from asking if I would preview the book, Christine’s Christmas Countdown.   The preview sounded interesting to me,  “a guide for busy mothers to enjoy Christmas preparations and avoiding the stress of the last minute rush.”   Yes I would love to avoid Christmas stress!

The book is very short to read, in fact I read the whole book in one night.  Christine structures the book by getting ready for Christmas  back in September and gives step by step directions of what she does to get organized ahead of time. 

Now you cannot take Christine’s steps as she does because everyone celebrates Christmas differently.  So Christine has left some blank pages between each step so you can write out your Christmas plan.

The first step she recommends is losing some weight before the Holidays so that you look and feel your best.  Great Idea!  Then go buy a new outfit.  

Three things she reminded me that I would like to add to my list of things to do is:

1.   Creating a play list of Christmas music to have for the background of my dinner.

2.  By extra storage containers to send home leftovers in.

3.  Buy some extra gifts for the surprise visitors.  (candles, soap, and wine) 

Thank you Diana for sending me the book.  I enjoyed reading it and I was able to pick up some useful tips to add to my Christmas Checklist.     

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fun Fridays


Right Now, like most people I am in love with all things gold.  So when I was shopping at Target the other day I found a vase that was similar to this vase from Houzz.

I grabbed it and put it in my cart.  The whole time I was shopping I was imagining what I was going to put in my new vase.  I imagined the places where my new vase would look amazing.  I even started to imagined the different types of flowers I could put in it.  

How cute would it look in my craft room with Christmas decorations?  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Why would I buy this vase when I could make it for free?????

I already have lots of white vases around the house.  I have gold paint and I have several mini circle sponge dabbers.  So basically I could create this vase for FREE!

Slowly, I took the vase out of my cart and put it back on the shelf.  I hope I don’t regret it. I always regret putting something back.  However I really am trying not to buy things because I already have so much.  

I went home and found a fun shaped vase and within minutes I dabbed my gold dots on the vase

Andhere it is..........

I think for a two minute project it turned out awesome. I just love it.  It was so easy and it looks amazing and best of all I reused this vase for a third time.  I love giving an old item new life.