Friday, August 22, 2014


Five Lessons Learned 
from a 

This week my family lost a wonderful person, someone who led by example daily. In the thirty some years that I knew him, he never raised his voice.  He never swore and he was always calm.  How did he do this???  He never said this is how to live or you should do this however if you observed him you might have learned these lessons..

1.  Serve one another in love.
2.  Always do the right thing even when no one is looking.
3.  Waste not want not.
4.  Be the reason someone smiles today.
5.  God doesn’t give us what we can handle, God helps us handle what we are given.


Monday, August 11, 2014

A gift for my daughter

My daughter is moving out soon and I want to give her a meaning for gift.  She has been talking about this print from pinterest.

I had some help from some fellow bloggers tracking down the print and it was $400.  WOW!  That is way out of my budget.  I thought of all the ways I could make it work and I tried to track down the print and I couldn’t even get on the website because it was password protected.  So another blogger suggested wall decals from My Wonderful Walls. 
Decals from My Wonderful Walls
And plan b worked perfectly, I contacted the people at My Wonderful Walls  and they were wonderful.  The zebras on their site were very tall and they were able to custom make the zebras so they would fit on the size canvas I wanted.  I was so happy!

When the zebras arrived I went to Michaels and purchased a large canvas and it was 40% off!  Then I went home and the decals just peeled off the paper and went right on the canvas.  Stephanie, the person I contacted at My Wonderful Walls, suggested I used a clear adhesive spray.  To be honest I did not need the spray.  The zebras turned out perfectly!

I cannot wait to surprise my daughter!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Planning My Vacation to Hawaii Part 2 -- Kona

I am starting to look at places to visit on my upcoming vacation to Hawaii.  My husband and I plan on spending five days on the Big Island.  Last week I explored some places that looked interesting on the east side of the island with the volcanoes.  This week I am looking at the west side of the island, well that was my goal.  

Kona, Hawaii

The first place I found is Historic Kailua Village.  It has lots of dining and shopping however there are some historic spots to stop in and see.  I would like to go to Hulihee Palace.  I am not sure if it will be open when I get there but I will at least go and look from the outside.

Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park is another site for us to go see.    This is the site of a refuge for ancient lawbreakers.  There is a ten foot wall to see and a black lava beach.  

Pololu Valley Lookout is just a nice area to relax and hike.  It looks like a beautiful place to take in some fresh air and just sit and talk a while.  

The more I search the Go Hawaii website the more I find activities on the other side of the island.  I found two amazing things I would like to do on the east side of the island.

A full day bike tour around the volcanoes.  The tours are rain or shine and very expensive.  So I am nervous about scheduling to far ahead of time.  However this is something I know we will do.  

Rainbow Falls can be found in Wailuku River Stat Park this is on the east side of the island.  
These falls are just for viewing not for swimming.  However a rainbow is almost guarantee because of the mist that forms below the falls.  

There are some great boat tours and swimming with dolphins and even a submarine tour, I just don't know if I can handle it.  I get extremely sea sick so I don't know.  My heart wants to do those activities but my head reminds me I'll be sick the rest of the day. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Steps in the Craft Room

"It's a marathon; it's not a sprint."
Melinda Gates

This may have my mantra when it comes to my craft room.  It may take a year or two before I finally feel like the project is complete.  I shared my dream for what I would like to do in the room last week on my Friday Favorites.  
 I am sure I will change my mind over the year as well.  

 I did start to work towards my goal of a white craft room on the first floor.  

The first thing I did was paint my blue desk.....

The picture is not the best because the lighting is so poor in this room.  Can lights in the ceiling will have to be on the list as well.  Even though this room has two windows, there are two huge trees outside blocking all the sunlight.  

The second change I made........ 
I purchased two benches on sale at Target. 

Of course, I wanted white legs so I was able to spray paint!  Yipee!  After some assembly and help from my hubbie, I am not that great with tools.  I now have a bench for me and I made a second one for when my mom or daughter help me with projects.  

I also thought with my craft table in the family room, when we have lots of family over, the craft table could serve as a tall table.  
Again sorry for the crumby photos.......a new camera is not on my list of things to buy right now.  Now I am deciding if I should invest in two more benches so four people can sit at the tall table for Christmas.

My next update will hopefully be a new desk chair.  Presently I am using an extra kitchen chair.  Yes it is functionally, however I would not say comfortable or stylish.  

PS  Funny Story
I told my mom I made a bench for her so when she comes to help me with projects she has somewhere to sit at the table.  She said that is a silly idea because what is she going to do with the bench.  It doesn't match anything at her house.  Plus she didn't like the idea of carrying it back and forth from her house to mine.  She was a little disappointed when I told her the bench had to stay at my house.  It was for when she came over to help me.   

Friday, August 1, 2014

Planning a Vacation to Hawaii

This week my focus has been my classroom at school, however in between that I am researching places to visit in Hawaii.  That's right this Wisconsin person is going to Hawaii this winter.  My husband and I are going to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

We are going to the Big what are we going to see when we get there??????  Good Question....I have no idea.  So I thought for my weekly daydreaming time I would go to my  favorite source...Pinterest and it lead me to two great sites:  Go Hawaii  and National Park Service -- Hawaii Volcanoes .

1.   My husband wants to see an active volcano and Kilauea.  There are two volcano sites to see at the National Park.    We will need about three hours to do the Crater Rim Drive.  There are nine stops along the way with things to see.
2.  Another thing to see on that side of the island is Punaluu Black Sand Beach.  The website says it is a great place for a picnic lunch and watching for sea turtles.

3.  Near the National Park is the Thurston Lava Tube.  The Lava tube is a cave that is 500 years old.  The caves were formed from the lava from the volcanoes.  

4.  The last stop of our day is a must for me.  Ka Lae (South Point.)  It is the southern most point of the United States.   AND there is only ocean between South Point and is the closest I will ever get the the penguins I LOVE!

5.  Every great vacation needs a stop at a winery.  We just love wine.  So I think we will have to make time to stop at the Volcano Winery.

This is a lot of daydreaming for one day.  I will have to research the other side of the island another day.  I do have house and school work to do.

All the photos on today's post are from the Go Hawaii site.  I can not wait to go and take my own photos.