Monday, February 6, 2017

Organizing the Freezer

This was my freezer last week when I got the idea to start making make-ahead freezer meals(which by the way I LOVE!)  While I was searching for freezer meals I came across some really organized freezers and I thought...Yes this is something I need to do.

I ran to Target and purchased several baskets for the freezer.  Quickly labeled them, listen to the jokes my husband made about them. He thought organizing the freezer is going to far.   

I think it turned out wonderful.  I like being able to find things quickly.  

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Favorite Books

I have always loved reading.  I still remember sitting on my mother's lap on the black rocking chair when I was little and listening to her read to me.  When I was a bit older I remember the excitement of getting books from the book orders.  Clifford books were some of my favorites.  Then I remember getting all the purple Nancy Drew books and reading them all year long.  

I enjoy to read and I have read so many books over the years that I just loved.  I thought I would share my favorite book list with you. There is not an order to my list.  All of the books are on my favorites shelf.  

1.  Better Each Day

This book has a bit of everything.  Bits of inspiration and ideas to get you motivated to make little changes each day.  I love this book!  I still like to reread it. 

2.  Organized Simplicity

This is another amazing book.  Great ideas for organizing your house one room at a time.  The best piece of advice in the book:   "Only keep what you love and find beautiful!"

3.  Simple Abundance

This book was sort of long but had some interesting parts.  The best thing I took from this book was the term "homecaring."    It sparked my 31 days of homecaring posts.  

4.  Inspired You

What a beautiful book!  I absolutely loved this book.  I wish I could redecorate my whole house to look like her home.  I cannot believe that she did  all of the work herself and found most of the pieces at thrift shops or antique shops.    I love her French Country style.  She has some wonderful advice throughout the book:  make timeless choicesknow your staples and your home makes a statement about you.”

5.  The Rhythm of Life

I learned so much in this book that I want to apply to my life right now.  Life is all about Choices.  I make the choices to love, to be anger, to have the courage to change.  I choose the food I eat and I choose what is important. 

I cannot change my past but I can make choices to change my future.

Turn your dreams into life goals and then work daily to accomplish those goals and you will find peace, happiness, success and satisfaction. 

I think every person should read this book it is amazing!

6.  Mitten Strings for God

This was a wonderful book for my sacred time.  
I am looking for a way to relax and reflect at the end of a long day and this book was perfect. 

This book was a joy to read.  
I looked forward to reading it each night.  

There were so many important things I wanted to remember from this book. 
1. Create a Haven of Serenity in your Home and Heart
2. “If you keep your life simple and your surroundings simple
It will be easier to keep your balance.”

7.  Your Beautiful Life

I don't remember exactly how I came about this book but I am glad I did.   You can get the book for free if you sign up for emails at Karen's blog, A House Full of Sunshine.   I wish I would have read this when I was a young mother.  It made a lot of sense to me as a mother and a teacher.  It tied both my worlds together.   Karen cleverly entitled each chapter so it spelled out Beauty.  

Be Yourself
Focus on yourself and don't worry about comparing yourself to others.  Look at your own passions, gifts and abilities and build upon your own strengths.  

Create a purposeful home one that reflects our own values and meets our needs.  Don't worry about what other think and long as your family is happy. 

Create daily routines for yourself.  Just like at school.  Positive routines lead to good habits.  Make lists of what needs to be done and work on them slowly.   Planning is key to successful changes.
Make a Daily/Weekly Schedule for Yourself and stick to it.

Upcycle Your Live
Make a list of how you can create/bring more beauty to each room in your house and try to do your best with the things your already have.

"Give thanks in the little moments, because together they add up to a thankful life."    So True!  I need to appreciate the little moments in life and not worry so much about work!

Creating a Beautiful Life means
  • bringing beauty to others
  • teaching others
  • helping others
  • welcoming guests
  • showing God's love through my actions and words.

8.  The Miracle on Voo Doo Mountain

The Miracle on VooDoo Mountain was by far one of the most inspiring books I read so far.  This is a must read in my opinion.  The book was written by Megan, who was 23 years old at the time, when she changed her life forever.  Megan wrote the true accounts of her first year in Haiti and how she followed her calling from God.  

Even though she was unsure at first what the calling was, she continued to pray and remain strong.  The book is about how she managed to make a major impact on the restavek children in Haiti. She started a food program with next to nothing, she brought about change in unfair orphanage practices, and she started a mission for children with a school all in the first year she was there. 
9.  We Are Liars

This is a 5 star book.  It is a wonderful story about a young girl who goes through a traumatic experience.  The end of the story will surprise you. 

10. The Giver

This book was amazing.  It was hard to put down.  The ending will leave you thinking for days.  

11. The DaVinci Code

12. Angels and Demons

Monday, January 30, 2017

January Reading

January 2017 was a good month for reading.  I read some really good books this month.  My favorite book was WE WERE LIARS.  I would give this book 5 stars. It was so interesting it was hard to put the book down.  I wanted to take the book with me everywhere so I could read one more page.  I have recommended the book to several people already.  

I have purchased so many books with Paris in the title to read this year.  I have decided to read one a month.  The first one I read was I'LL SEE YOU IN PARIS.  This book kept me reading more and more each day.  It surprised me at the end as well.  I thought I could easily see were this was going however I was wrong.  I would give this book 4 stars.  

The third fiction book I read was TRULY MADLY GUILTY.  It was so hard to get excited about this book at the beginning.  There was so much bouncing around from character to character.  However the book did keep me interested in finding out more details.  I would give this book 4 stars.  

The final book I read was SIMPLIFY 7 GUIDING PRINCIPLES TO HELP ANYONE DECLUTTER THEIR HOME AND LIFE.  Books about simplifying and decluttering are always on my radar to read this time of year. This book did not disappoint me.   I found several take away points:

  • What our heart believes and loves always determines the path of our life.
  • Without a true heart change, we always return to our heart's first love.  This truth applies to all areas of life: our energy, our time, our relationships, our spirituality, our money, and our possessions.
  • When you declutter the decorations and artwork that remain are the pieces that are the most dear to your soul and lives.
  • Everything should have a home.
  • Keep only things that mean the most to you.
  • Register your name with the direct marketing association mail preference service ( and be added to their do not mail list.
  • Opt-out of pre-approved credit cards (
  • Call companies and get removed from their mailing lists
  • unsubscribe from unwanted emails  
This book was a quick read and had lots of helpful suggestions to get started now!  I would give this book 4 stars as well.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

Back in November when we planned the Baby Shower we thought what would be a perfect theme in January in Wisconsin.
And we came up with BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!  

Who knew it would be close to 50 degrees in Wisconsin.  All the ideas for the shower we found on Pinterest.  Many of the sites even had youtube videos with directions on how to make the items as well. It was so helpful to us.  

First we made a wreath for the front door.  It was so easy to make.  What I liked about this wreath is that I added toile in between each diaper. By doing this it soften up the look of the wreath.   
Then my daughter had an idea to get these super large balloons.  Lots of people commented on how cute they were.  They made a great backdrop as the Mommy to be opened the gifts.   
Next in the Living Room we did a couple of things.   My daughter thought it would be cute to put up a sock garland.  It's hard to see it but my daugter-in-law and I made a onesie bouquet for the top of the fireplace and put a stuffed animal next to it.  
Below the fireplace I put my stacking blocks that I made and a crate for all the baby books that all our guests brought with their presents.
Here is an up close look at the onesie bouquet.  We made four of them and put them around the house.  

In the bathrooms my mom and I made these adorable elephant towels for a little decoration.  My mom had a book on how to make animals out of towels that she purchased on a cruise.   
I couldn't resist these diaper babies.  I didn't know what to do with them but I thought they are adorable.  
This is our diaper cake.  We made it into a snow baby.  It was so easy to make.  I think the hat was my favorite part of the diaper cake.  We also put a bib on it instead of a scarf.   

We put together a game to guess when the baby will arrive.  Again this was a super easy project to put together that everyone enjoyed participating in.  

Then we made clouds and snowflakes with onesies garland.  Note all the grass out the window.  No snow in sight!

By far my favorite gift was the one we gave to my son.  We put together a Daddy Tool Box.  It was a great idea we found a Pinterest.  It was a fun way to let daddy feel part of the process.

Here is the Mommy and Daddy to be.  They are so excited to be welcoming their little bundle of joy to the world.  

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mommy To Be Ribbon and Daddy To Be Tie

My Mommy To Be and My Daddy to Be projects turned out super cute this week.  I am so excited I can hardly wait for the shower, thank goodness it is tomorrow.  

The Mommy to Be ribbon was a bit tricky to make.  First I glued scrap ribbon down on the metal button.  Then I made two bows and criss cross them and separated the ribbon so it went all the way around in a circle and then hot glued that to the button.  I found the duck at Target in the ribbon section and that was easy to glue down.  Finally I had some white stickers to spell out Mommy To Be.

The Daddy to Be tie was super easy as well.  First I drew out the outline of the tie.  Then I went back and drew the little stitch marks.  Next I put the Daddy to Be stickers on and drew the water. Then I laminated the tie.  Finally I glued down a duck to match the one I found at Target.  I punched a hole on each side of the tie and tied a ribbon to go around the daddy's neck.