Monday, March 20, 2017

Planning.........A New Project for My Little Sweetheart

I would really like to give my little granddaughter a Quiet Book for her birthday next month.  She loves to do small activities and she needs to do something quiet at church.   She is just beginning to learn about colors, numbers, snaps and velcro.  This would be the perfect gift for her.

At first I considered buying one for her, I went on Etsy and they are extremely expensive.  However they look so nice.   So now I am thinking of making it myself.     I feel a little out of my element with this project because I  do not sew.  In fact I am debating if I should borrow a sewing machine or buy one to complete this project.

I've read a couple sites and it appears I am already behind in this project.  I should have started several months ago.  One site suggested making one page a week.  I like that suggestion.  I think for her birthday I may make the cover and several pages that focus on colors and then continue to add more as time goes on.  That way I will not feel so pressured.
Here are a couple sites I think will be helpful as a reference during the project:
How to Cut Felt
How to Make a Cover

This will be my cover.  My granddaughter loves elephants and balloons.

I want to start out with a fun page for her.  Right now she loves driving little cars and trucks.  This page looks adorable.  I like the stop light on the left my little sweetie can start learning three basic colors she will see daily as she drives to therapy.

This is another important page for her to work on.  She can practice sliding the popsicle sticks in the pockets.  This will be a great for her fine motor skills.  
This will be a little harder for her to do.  She is working on putting things in, however a good skill to practice.  I also like the fact that they are shapes.  I think I would keep it simple and to the basic shapes: heart, star, circle, square, rectangle and triangle.  
This is page is adorable and practicing zipping is great for any child.  I love  incorporating the rainbow into any project.  This is a must do page for me.  
This page is so cute and my little granddaughter needs to work on matching and colors.  
As time goes on I would like to consider some of the pages below.







Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Easter Bunny Basket

I am carrying on the Easter Basket tradition my mother-in-law started years ago with my children. Each year she gave the grand children a little basket filled with goodies.  After the children would empty their baskets the parents would return the baskets to grandma.  She would refill them again next year.  

She made the blue and green basket for my oldest two boys and now it's time to give it to their little ones.  However I still have one more little grand child.  So I had to make one on my own.   
Here are the dimensions that I figured out by squares.  

Then I drew out the bunny face on some make shift graph paper.  It took me a while so that it would be somewhat symmetrical.  

It was easy to do and I finished in one day. 

Possible Basket Fillers:
Homemade Cut Out Cookies
Chocolate Covered Eggs
Little Stuffed Animals
Little Playdough 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

"You Never Know What You Have....
Until You Clean Your Room."
I feel like this project has been on my list forever, ever since I cleaned my freezer I have wanted to tackle the refrigerator.  However life had other plans for me this month, but now that I am feeling better today is the day I am cleaning out the refrigerator.  Good bye yucky food, good bye expired items I am only keeping the good stuff that we really use. 
I washed down the entire refrigerator and then went to my Silhouette machine and cut some letters.  I labeled my bins and then went food shopping.  Now I have a nice clean refrigerator with fresh food. When I finished I stood back to admired my work.  I closed the door and I looked at the front and top of the refrigerator.  You would not believe what I noticed.....dust and clutter.
Hmmmmmmm...... not exactly the look I wanted to see.  It was time to clean up the outside of the refrigerator as well including the weekly calendar. 
Then I looked at my beloved teeny tiny bowl collection, which I love and thought.....Does it really look nice?  It would look better if my husband made the shelves I asked for however it has been maybe two years and I don't think he is going to do it.  It was time to move on and do something that looked better.  The bowls look to small for the space.  So I decided to put white pitchers or vases up there.  I walked around the house and collected some items and moved them to the cabinet.
The pitchers do look better however my bowl collection does not have a home now.  Maybe I just need to let them go I really do not have a spot for them.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Reading

The Book Thief was my favorite book this month.  It was one of those books you cannot put down.  I was caught up in the life of the characters and their circumstances.  I just had to know what happens next.  Even after I finished reading the book I still wanted to know more.  I would give this book 5 stars.  

I also enjoyed the book Wonder.  This book is written for young adults but the story and characters were very interesting.  It was very educational to hear Augie's point of view about how he sees himself, how he sees how others see him.  I would give this book 5 stars as well.  

Maybe the cold weather at the beginning of the month or the lack of daylight some how got this book on my radar.  The Cozy Life is a book about living a Hygge way.  Which is another way of saying a simple, minimalist life with your family.  It said a lot of the same things I read last month, find joy in the simple things and surround yourself with the things you love and treasure.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Organizing the Freezer

This was my freezer last week when I got the idea to start making make-ahead freezer meals(which by the way I LOVE!)  While I was searching for freezer meals I came across some really organized freezers and I thought...Yes this is something I need to do.

I ran to Target and purchased several baskets for the freezer.  Quickly labeled them, listen to the jokes my husband made about them. He thought organizing the freezer is going to far.   

I think it turned out wonderful.  I like being able to find things quickly.