Monday, August 29, 2016

Chicken and Spinach Florentine

Florence Italy is the inspiration of today's dinner.  It has all my favorite ingredients:  chicken, tomatoes, spinach, cheese, and basil.  

This meal takes about 30 minutes to make and it is super easy to put together.  That leaves you with more time to do other things AND it tastes delicious and it is gluten free.  It checks all the boxes for me.  
Oh and I forgot to tell you the best part it can all be made in one pan.  

Click Here for recipe

Friday, August 26, 2016

Charming Bookstores

One thing that is hard to find these days is a small book store.  I love going to small book stores and looking through the shelves and finding new books. When I was little my dad would take me to book stores for hours.  I would sit and read in the children's section while he looked in the history section. I cannot walk out of a book store without buying at least one book.  
  "You Got  Mail" Pinterest

Back in the 80's I even wanted to open up my own children's book store after seeing the movie You Got Mail.  I would love to spend my day find wonderful books for children to read.  

"You Got Mail" Pinterest
"You Got Mail"  Pinterest

I was heartbroken when Meg Ryan's character had to close her book store.  The store was so perfect.  

Today for my daydream I am looking at charming bookstores.  I found some adorable pictures to share.  

I love the white painted wood on the outside of the shop.  It brighten ups the inside. AND look at all the people inside looking at books.  WOW that really warms my heart.   
My two favorites together..... a book store and a bike.  This looks like it is on the east coast somewhere.  That would be ride your bike to the book store (no need for a lock) get a couple books and head home for some lemonade.     

This looks inviting.   I love all the red.  It pops next to the trees.  It looks like a wonderful place to get lost looking at books.  
This is an absolute adorable children's section.  I love all the characters hanging from the ceiling.  


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Mini Retreat Day .....Just For Yourself

Recently I decided to take an afternoon for myself away from the house....No housework, no blogging, no school work, just time to myself....for just relaxing and reflecting...A MINI RETREAT.   

I decided I would go downtown to the Third Ward area.  It has a lot of trending little shops to do some window shopping and lots of cafes to find a place to read.  

Of course ended up at Starbucks because I know I can drink a Venti Iced Passion Tea Lemonade and enjoy a Gluten Free Rice Krispie.  Not to mention they have free WIFI.  

I read an e-book that I recently purchased in a bundle, A Guide to Giving Yourself a Personal Planning Day.  You can get it for free at Erin's website.  It was perfect for guiding me through my first mini retreat.  It helped me set some personal goals and think through some ideas that were running through my head.  

It was so relaxing to just sit and read and make some plans.  I did make a few decisions/observations about my quiet time:
  1.  I needed a notebook just for this I can make notes and follow up on those ideas next time. 
  2.  I needed a  pencil bag with some colorful pens. 
  3.  I would like to do a mini retreat four times a year:  Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  I am thinking at the beginning of each season to reflect and set direction.  
  4.  Take some headphones....I was trying to focus on my own thoughts and there were several people talking loud around me.  I just want to hear my own thoughts.  
  5.  I need to create a musical playlist that is calming so that it doesn't infer with my thoughts.  
  6.  Go someplace different each time so that I can explore a little on my own.    

Taking a few hours to yourself is really beneficial.  I always think I have to many things to get down but really finding time to think and reflect is just as important.  It helps me set direction for my future.  

Monday, August 22, 2016

Healthy & Yummy Meatloaf

My husband loves meatloaf!  Unfortunately with my food issues I rarely make it for him.  It was his birthday last week so I was thinking it would be nice to make him a meatloaf one day.  

I did a little research and found two different meatloaf recipes that I thought might work.  I combined them and changed out some ingredients to meet my food restrictions and I came up with a meatloaf that tasted pretty good.  

The only thing I would change is the gluten free bread crumbs I used.  They were very graining tasting.  I need to work on that for next time.  

I sautéed the peppers and spinach before I added them to the mixture and that helped them taste softer in the meatloaf.  This is definitely a recipe I am going to keep in my book. 
Click Here for the recipe

Friday, August 19, 2016

Our Five Year House Plan

One idea that Ruth writes about in her book is to sit down with your spouse and draw up goals for various things in your life.  So my husband and I to sat down and came up a five your plan for our house.  We picked five years for our time line because my husband should retire in five years.  

We haven't decided if we want to stay in this house or downsize to a smaller house.  We do agree several things must be down before we sell.  

First on our list for this Fall is remodel both our upstairs bathrooms.  We put together a list of things to consider when we meet with a contractor...

Bathroom Ideas

1. Complete one bathroom at a time.  We must have one bathroom available for daily use.   Ideally we would like the project to be back to back so that we can just clean up the upstairs once. 
2.  All new upstairs doors Wood or White????? Still Deciding 
3.  Main Bathroom first because the shower leaks.
4.  Shut off values under the sinks. 

Idea photos taken from Pinterest 
 Main Bathroom
1.Framed Mirror
2.outlets in top 2 drawers
3.shelf on side walls
4. white tile/tub/shelves on walls
5.Recess lightening/No soffits
6.  New Fan and vent to the attic
7. Keep My Shower head
8.  white cabinet/quartz counter top
9. towel rack

Idea photos taken from Pinterest
Master Bedroom
1. New High Rise/long Grate Bowl
2.  No Soffit/recess lighting
3. 3 drawer vanity
4.  New door
5. White cabinet/quartz counter top
6. Medicine cabinet above sink
7. Walk in shower
8.Raise Shower head
9.Shelf in shower (back or corner)
10.Towel rack
11. Fan vented to the attic
12.Small Shelf Above Toilet or on Wall by shower if possible (We do not want to interfere with piping and Kitchen ceiling)