Monday, March 7, 2011

I Need Your Advice

Help!!!!  Please!!!

I am hoping someone is reading this blog....

I am considering buying two expensive things and I need advice.....

1.   Photoshop Element vs. A subscription to   what is your advice?

2.  Would you purchase a Silhouette machine or a Cricut?

Thinking of Spring


Natalie said...

I have photoshop elements and I have used Piknik. If you are willing to look up tutorials and get books on Photoshop you will be able to do a lot in Photoshop. If you want something simplier than piknik may be the answer. I am actually going to take a class this week to get to know my photoshop elements program better..its tricky! I have a silhouette and love it..I don't know anything about the cricut! Good luck deciding! :)

Jennie said...

I did a free trail for Photoshop and my computer wasn't sure what to do with it! YOu need a ton of memory. I like using Picnik too. I guess it depends on how fancy you want to get. I currently us a free program called GIMP. It's similar to Photoshop and if I need help figuring things out I just google and the answer is always there.
I have a Cricut and love it! I think the Silhouette looks pretty awesome too! SOrry, I'm not much help:) CaN'T WaIT to hear what you decide!

Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}