Friday, March 4, 2011

Ribbon Storage

My goal for the weekend is to redo how I store my ribbon.

 But..... I am still not sure how I want to go about this project.

I have found several ideas out in the blog world that I like.

  My favorite idea is the ribbon stored on cardboard in a divider.  

............. I would have to keep the ribbon in a drawer which I already have and would not have to do any extra work to create.  However every time I buy a new bolt of ribbon I would have to rewrap them onto cardboard.  That sounds like a lot of extra work. 
 I love the look of the straight lines and the organization by color.

Next idea I found at Delightful Order, ribbons wrapped on clothespins and then stored in jars by color.

Again very pleasing to the eye, but  a lot of extra work rewrapping all the ribbon.

I would have to beg husband to build shelves.  I would need to buy more jars and that means spending more money on something for the basement......not really what I want to do........... clothespins do not cost much.

The third idea for organizing the ribbon is buying ribbon racks at Michaels and begging husband to hang them up.     ummmm...  
 These racks are from Martha Stewart Living....but you get the idea.   Problems I see with this idea.  You will see the bolts of ribbons are not the same.....will the ribbon get dusty in the basement?????

I'm not sure what I should do..........thinking .....thinking...thinking.... 

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