Friday, January 6, 2012

Drink Up

Improving My Health

As I work day by day to improve my health I want to take an idea from the book I am reading right now..

095  Drink Up To Drop Pounds

Of course this is not a new concept by any means.but it is one that has fallen by the way side for me.   I have come to believe just because I only drink lemonade (crystal light) I drink more than enough water.   Not True!   I need to just drink more plain water.  Jessica Cassity suggests in her book that we drink 16 oz. of water before each meal.  Something I am going to try to incorporate into my lifestyle. 
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Amanda said...

I just found this blog an I am so excited because I am a K teacher too and on the quest to organize everything in my life. However it is hard to relate to those that do not work outside the home. I am also on a quest to drink more water 72 oz. a day. Your newest follower The Kindergarten Chick