Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Weekly Check In

Improving My Health Week 3

To be honest the last several days I skipped exercising and lost focus.....why???  Just too much to do/too much on my mind/too much going on around me.....or are those just my standard excuses.  

 I did lose a pound this week and I am happy about that.  So back to the program....back to my exercise schedule...back to making sure I take time to make my food ahead of time....back to focusing on my purpose and discipline.   

I need to continue to work on the same elements as last week:

1.  Drink Water ...... 2 glasses at each meal.  
from google images

2.  Wear My Pedometer and walk for 4,000 steps a day.  
from google images

3.  Work on staying away from sugar.......this is so hard......I bought some applesauce and I am going to try to substitute that in some recipes.  Goal:  find one recipe for muffins to substitute applesauce for sugar.
google image

I can do this for myself!
I have to do this for myself!

I found a new website with some great information about diet and exercise with humor.  :)

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