Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 7 Improving My Health

Improving My Health Week 7

This week was all about sickness, new houses, and g-free reading.  I had a flu bug at the beginning of the week and my son bought his first house.  I have read Elizabeth Hasselbach’s book from front to back while riding the stationary bike this week and decided g-free is something worth trying for me.

I will stay the course and focus on my existing goals:

1.      Drink Water I am going to Target to buy a Brita Water Container Now to have at work to encourage me to drink more water there!

2.    Follow exercise schedule
3.    Walk 4,500 steps a day  I need a new pedometer the one I have is inconsistent. I hope I can find a pink one.

4.    Get Ready for bed at 10:00!  So I get a good night sleep.

I created a   focus book this week to read each morning to remind me of my goals.  I am going to add quotes, posts and other pictures to it as a reminder to me each day what my purpose is. 

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