Monday, March 19, 2012

My Bucket List for 2012

How often to we make goals on December 31 and then just forget about it.  I am guilty of that.  In fact my family will make jokes about it each year.  However this year I am determine to make changes, real changes in my life.

So I am taking this moment reread and look back at what I want to really focus on for the next several weeks.

What I have done well:
·     Reorganized my craft room
·     Read three books
·     Working on 40 bags in 40 day right now
·     I am eating Gluten Free and redoing my recipe book each week.
·     I have reduced the amount of sugarbut I could do more.
·     I am training for the bike ride however I need to do more.
·     I did lose five pounds but that was not enough!

What I want to focus on before Easter:
1.      Pick a night or time for monthly date
2.   Training for Bike Ride
3.   Finish organizing the craft room (look for a new chair)
4.    Finish cleaning Basement Storage Area.

1 comment:

nicolette @ momnivore's dilemma said...

Cutting back on sugar really helped my migraines as well as the gluten... :)

Hope your bucket list is being realized this year. I made one as well in January...