Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thoughtfulness and Purpose

Spring Reflection

The last couple of weeks I have been ill and overwhelmed with work., maybe the two are tied together.  I don’t know but I have completely lost my focus. 

So I am back today to rededicate myself to my 2012 goals and restart.  

“Live your life with thoughtfulness and purpose.  It’s up to you, after all. “
Cheryl Saban (recipe for a happy life)

Since I have been sick I have made several changes in my life again.  I am always looking for what makes my stomach upset.  I am going to start a list.  This week it is my favorite lemonade and lettuce that is on the give up list.

I have been so busy at work I have forgotten about myself lately.  No exercising for two weeks and I can feel it everywhere. 

My Personal Goals for this week are:

1.      Track my food intake at Spark People.
2.    Ride my bike at least 4 times.
3.    2 miles on the elliptical daily
4.    Water, Water, Water, Drink More Water
5.    Blog about one organizing project this week
6.    Blog about one decorating project this week

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