Saturday, June 2, 2012

Almost Summer

I have one more week of school and a long list of things to do.

End of the Year List

1.               Report Cards
2.             Photo Books
3.              Awards for students
4.              Kindergarten sign and red paper (for red carpet)
5.              Mouse Pages in Memory Book (What kids did not get a turn with mouse?)
6.             Gift Card Barnes and Noble for Mrs. B.
7.             Art Bags
8.              Bags for Monday Classroom stuff
9.             Oceans of Fun Program
10.           Monday take picture of Class in ocean costumes and upload to Walgreens right away.
11.             Bring home art smocks to wash and color train-color bins to vacuum--math station pocket chart
12.           Clean Up Classroom and Pack Stuff Away
13.            Redo Pirate CluesPirate Adventure Day
14.            Cumm. Files
15.            Map of classroom for next year
16.           Organize Portfolios for first grade teachers
17.           Target I need:
·      White kitchen trash bags
·      Black kitchen trash bags
·      Candy for awards

Once I finish this list then I can begin my list of things I want to accomplish around my house. 

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