Monday, July 30, 2012

Organizing Junk

It is not even August first yet and my serine summer is over.  I feel like I have been running around for two days straight.   Today is Sunday and I have been working on wash all day, packing my lunch, cleaning out my bag, because the next couple of days I have jury duty.  Hopefully I will have time to organize my laptop and read.  However I am not going to count on it. 

Everyone has a junk drawer.  You know the place where your family throws things they don’t feel like putting away.  I decided I wanted to clean out these drawers before I went back to work.  Otherwise I would not get to them until Christmas.   I feel like I could write this post every month, because I have to straighten these drawers constantly.  

I took everything out of the junk drawer, and kept only the things I know are important.  The extra pens and pencils we don’t really use I put in the goodwill bag.    

I put some little mason jars in my family room junk drawer just to organize little things.   

Now when I open the drawers I have a good feeling knowing they are organized and clean.  

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