Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Organizing My Lunch Bag

Today was my first day officially back to school.  I take cold lunch everyday in my Vera Bradley lunch bag.  
Last year I was a bit frustrated with the large pockets on the side.   So this year I pinned them smaller to see if I would like that better.   I organized my lunch bag.

On the top of the bag you can see my little wallet that I keep in the bag.  I'll tell you more in a minute about what's inside.  I keep a little knife in a toothbrush container to cut my apples and tomatoes.  

At the bottom you can see the other pocket, it has a small bottle of hand sanitizer in a baggie.  You never know when you will need some.  

For lunch most days I have tomatoes and chicken.  I have an apple for morning snack and an apple after school.  

In my little wallet I keep a couple little things:
  •  extra morning medicine.....in case I forget to take it
  • a bag of tea
  • meds for migraines
  • a baggie with vitamins
  • and a couple of dollars in case I need some money (I don't take my purse to school because I carpool and once in a while we stop at Starbucks)
  I also added a couple packets of stevia to the front pocket to my ice tea.  I feel good about my organization.  :)

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cindy said...

Your idea of the knife in the toothbrush holder is great. The ones in the staff room are horrible and always disappear and I always feel leary about having a sharp knife in my bag. I like your pretty bag. I also have a nice placemat and cloth napkin at school for my lunch. Makes me feel a little more civilized and less rushed.