Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Work On Goals

Did you ever read an article and think OMG I think the author is talking about me.  Today I read Positively Present, Just This Once, and I am not joking this article is all about me.  I always start something but then I slip up and then I think just one will not hurt and I will get back on track tomorrow.  Before you know it ...........weeks and months go by and I still have not pulled it together. 
So for 2013 there will be no more, “Just this One Time,” because in my world there is no such thing as one!

So here is the advice Positively Present is offering to me and to get my act together in 2013:

1. Don’t give yourself the option to give in.  NO EXCUSES!  Just Say NO!
2. Find Your support person….this is easy…SANDY!
3.   Give yourself a different REWARD… I like this idea.   Every time you pass up something like chocolate, dessert, something sweet, keep track in your calendar and give yourself a $5 reward.  At the end of the month add it up and buy something special. 
4.  Think of the long-term benefit…a better healthier happier me.
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5. Create a cons and pro list. 
This is my favorite part of the suggestion. 

Even though chocolate & sweets taste good in the moment it makes me feel ill for hours afterwards.

Process sweets are not worth the calories.

Tight clothes are not fun to wear.

When you eat healthy…………… you feel and look better!

When you eat healthy…………….you sleep better.

When you are in a healthy place………………shopping is so much more fun!

When you make healthy choices…Life is Good!
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