Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Working Goals

Your dreams will lead you to peace*love*happiness*success*satisfaction*service*
wholeness*and holiness.
Matthew Kelly

The Rhythm of Life

There are seven areas that Matthew Kelly writes about that he suggests you examine and take the time to reflect and write down your dreams and goals.  

1.  Work on your Strength of Character do not be a slave to your addictions.  Everyone has some type of addictions, I have several, sugar and shopping that I am working on daily.

2.  Make your family a priority.  
My goal is to try to reschedule my week so Sundays are free for family time.

3.  Find your "Holy Hour"  your ME time and make it a priority in your daily life.
8:00pm is my witching hour....after 8 no more house or school work.  Just me work, exercising, reading and reflecting.

4.  Love Your Job and Enjoy it each day!

5.  Share what you are lucky enough to have with others.
I am constantly going through my things to see what I can give to others.  I have so many things that I do not use.  I know someone else would be happy to put some of these things to good use.

6.  Cherish you soul mate.  Make him a priority in your life!
My husband and I get so busy working that we tend to forget to set time aside for each other.  

7.  Work Daily on achieving Interior Peace and becoming the best version of yourself!

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