Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 2 -- First Floor

I was hoping to report more at the end of Week 2 of our first floor updates, however work goes at a different rate around here. 

We have a new wall in the Laundry Room and new lights.

There are new lights in the bathroom. 

The front hall looks the same and

and so does the front closet.

Now it is time for my husband and I to paint.  We are painting the laundry room and bathroom the same color as the kitchen. I like continuity from room to room.   
The contracter said the new floor should be done by Wednesday.  Then the new cabinets and doors should arrive.  Hopefully I will have lots to show you at the end of Week 3.  I cannot wait to start cleaning the disorganization and dust around here is driving me crazy.  

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