Sunday, February 7, 2016

This is WHO I AM NOW!

Every year during Lent I make all these promises about eating healthy.  I always promise to give up snacking, chocolate, Starbucks, sweets  and every Sunday I have “Off!”  

I don’t want to make empty promises to God or myself.  So instead this Lent I am refocusing on Who I Am and What I do each day to accomplish that.   

I am someone who HAS to follow the SCD food plan as close as possible otherwise I will suffer stomach issues.  I no longer can eat chocolate.  It is not an option……it makes me sick!  I am also trying to move away from process foods and eat only fresh foods. 

I need to do my back exercises daily and I need to be active to 20 minutes a day.  NO EXCUSES! 

It’s just that simple…..
I am someone who eats follows the SCD diet and needs to exercise 20 minutes daily.  

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