Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What I Learned in October 2016


I feel as though I have been running in circles the entire month and I have nothing to show for it. 
I have been letting others and their priorities dictate what I do and my list of TO DO things are not getting done.  

I am only half way through the book 168 Hours You Have More Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam and I have already taken a moment to reflect on two things.  

My Core Competencies..or as I called them a couple years ago My Purpose Statement.   

It took me a while to find this Purpose Statement on my computer and as I reread them I find them to be true today.  So no since reinventing the wheel. I added them to the front of my life journal.
The frustration I am experiencing this month is that I am not taking steps to get healthy each day. 
Another suggestion Laura V. had was to schedule out your week and see what time you are working with....I did this and I found a lot of time I am wasting.  Mainly on Pinterest and reading a lot of blogs about teaching.  

My main focus for doing this schedule was to find time to exercise and I did find time in the morning for my back exercises and in the afternoon for a little bit as well.  In fact I found plenty of time if I give up TV.   

"We find time and space 
for what really matters."  
Laura Vanderkam

What I cannot give up or anticipate is when my children come to visit.  Most evenings and the weekends someone will stop  by or we will go see our grand baby and that time is free for a reason because we love our family time.  That is why we try to get everything done during the week. 

I am excited to read the rest of the book.    

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