Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2 The Computer Desk

This challenge is a bit harder because the desk is not just my space.  I share it with my husband who does not seem to believe in garbage cans. The organization you already see is what I set up but there is not much follow through.  I straightened up the desk on Sundays when I lesson plan.  


I straightened up the best I could....I got rid of all the pencils and markers that were laying on the desk corner and took them to school today for the writing center.  I bought some picture frames for the two sayings I found on two blogs I like, Blessed Little Nest and The Three R's of Kindergarten.  I put up for colorful envelopes on the bulletin board for coupons.  And moved my husband's bill mess to the corner of the desk top and put my new owls and spring tree in the other corner.  Also I put all my lesson planning materials in a basket to hide them a bit.  Maybe that can be another organizing organize all the exit expectations of kindergarten.  


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