Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scrapbook Binder Organizer

I saw this idea on A Bowl Full of Lemons last week and was inspired to create my own organizer for scrapbook layouts.  

This is the guest bloggers binder for scrapbooking she has her binder organized by how many pictures are needed for each layout.  This makes perfect sense to me.   I spend so much time paging through my catalogs looking for inspiration ..... this way I can go directly to how many pictures will be on the page and work from there.  

I found paper with some fun colorful flowers for the cover of my binder.... I am waiting until I buy a Silhouette Machine to create a label for the cover and side of it.  

I have it organized by how many pictures will be on a page.   

I also added another category...card making ideas....hummmm...maybe that should be its own binder by categories too.  Maybe I'll save that idea for another day. :)

My Binder with new cover.  Just for the record...I cleaned out this binder and reused it.  GO GREEN!

Even the page protectors are recycled from an old binder.  :)

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