Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No More Cows!!!

I think I bought this container for our utensils when we first were married 26 years ago....

It was fine it held all the utensils.....I never really liked it but I generally turned the container around so no one would see the cow.  

About two months ago I read a post by Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons  about kitchen utensils....it has stuck with me this whole time.  Some people don't just store their utensils they display them in an organized and functional fashion.  

Here are some of the kitchen utensil displays that I found to be inspirational...
Martha Stewart
I love Martha Stewart....... of course she has all white and the pitcher idea is very stylish.....also I noticed there is more than one container used to display utensils.

On this site I noticed several things....the organization of the the utensils based on material.  I also noticed the tray underneath the containers.  I liked the fact that it is a different material and texture from the containers. 

I like that all the containers are the same here and the utensils are organized.  

I thought of painting the cow....but I want afraid it would be hard to wash....so I had to let the cow container go...

I bought two new white containers at the hardware store.

Ok I have to say this looks BORING....... 

so then I found this little pitcher in the living room 

A little white spray paint (my new favorite thing)


Here is what I came up with.....I picked up the tray at..Target.  

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