Friday, April 1, 2011

Yellow Obsession

I am obsessed with the color yellow this spring.   Every since I bought this yellow bike picture in February at Modern Art Everyday  ..........

I have been drawn to the color yellow.  I guess yellow is a reminder to me that Spring is in the air and Summer and warm weather is coming my way.

Anyways,  As you may already know......I found the yellow pillows I wanted at Target for the living room.....

Then I had a new green candles did not look back to Pottery Barn I went with the gift cards I had from Christmas and look how nice a few yellow accents brighten up the room.

Notice over the Grandfather Clock.....I love those green vases from Target.....I know I should just let them go......maybe to the other room.   Now I need something new to go up there.  Suggestions?????

 Happy Spring

Enjoy a glass of lemonade today

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