Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Things I Dislike About My Laundry Room

17 days until school lets out and as much as I love my kindergarten students I can not wait to start some projects around my house and do some that I've been waiting to do for my classroom.  

My first summer project will be my laundry room....I just want to scream...I HATE IT....I know hate is a bad word.   I am so frustrated in that room.  I'll let the picture speak for itself

There is so much I dislike about that room.....let me count the ways:

1.  The Valance needs to GO!   It is from my OLD  Kitchen...twenty years ago.....time for something new...something red check....something that will match my kitchen and my backyard.   The laundry room is the hallway that you take to go outside to the patio.  So I would like to have something that goes with both spaces.
2.  I HATE....and hate is the right word here......these small shelves.  They are too small.  The hangers do not fit in them.  They do not line up with the dryer.......this definitely needs to be redone.
When I redo this I want three compartments and a countertop.
3.  The jars are not working for me.......I thought they looked so cute on other peoples' blogs, however they are not practical for me.  I need something else.

4.  The stationary tub......the double broken faucet look...just does not work for me.   I know it does not bother my hubby because you can just use a wrench to get hot don't want this anymore.  I forgot to include in the picture the scraped up front look on the sink.  

5.  I would like to do something about the cabinets......not sure if just new knobs will do the trick or revarnish them would be better.   But I do need the storage area so I don't want to lose them.  Ideally new doors....but I don't think that is in the budget.

6.  I need somewhere to hang clothes....hanging clothes in the doorways of my house is annoying.

7.  It would be nice to have some type of drying space as well.

8.  The ugly carpet needs to hubby picked that out at the hardware store years ago.

9.  Tone down the bucket collection.

10.  The dirty walls need some lovin..........

There is so much inspiration out there I don't know where to start:
Clean and Scentsible
I love this picture.....I love the idea of a counter top....but I can not do that yet with a top loading wash machine.  I also heart the white cabinets but my husband dislikes painted wood.
I like the look of these shelves, I just need to adjust it a bit to make it work for me... three levels:  two for hangers and one for lint.

Here, I like this skirt idea ( of course in red check) if I buy an open end stationary sink.

I like the frosted glass on the cabinet doors and silver door knobs.
This is cute.........sorry I don't have my source on this.

This is a possible solution instead of hanging clothes in the doorways.

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