Sunday, May 1, 2011

Front Hallway

This week my project is to redo my front hallway or as some people call it the launch pad.  My area is not that big.  As you enter into my house there is a lot going on......stairs to the upstairs ....the front closet....walk way to the kitchen ...and ...Hello the Living Room.....

I will not be able to repaint at this time and I cannot afford to redo the floor, which I would love to do.

  I have already reorganized the closet with many of the items you might see in the launch pad area.  Keys, hats, coats are all inside the closet. 

  So now I am going to create a picture gallery for the hallway.  

Here is my before pictures.....

Here are some of my inspiration pictures....

Blessed Nest

I like the posters that have meaningful messages.

Endless Crafting

What I like about this gallery is that the family name is on the top.  I also like the basket to put things in.

I found this on Pinterest.
I like the variety of frames and matting.

Please come back throughout the week and see my progress.... :)

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