Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update on Last Week's Project

As you may recall.... my goal for last week was to create a new 
wall gallery 
in my front hallway in this space.

I have ordered all the pictures.....measured the wall...purchased the frames....repainted some gold frames....purchased several baskets to find the right basket for under the table.
I have the pictures in the frames organized on the floor....waiting...waiting..waiting...for days...for my wonderful husband to help me hang them up.  Why am I waiting for him?????  He doesn't like it when I use 3M picture strips because sometimes the frames fall off the wall. 
My only hope is that the pictures will be hanging up before the graduation party on May 22..... before my grand-dog comes over and moves them around....So please use your imagination and pretend these pictures are hanging on the wall.
Thank You :)

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