Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Summer Project

My first project for the summer is to clean up and reorganize the basement storage area.  

 Not a Glamorous job.....but a necessary job.

After one child getting married and moving out, another son moving out and two moving home from college .... our basement has gone through a great deal of trauma the past two years.   The kids are moving in and out so often right now....that when someone sees me the first question they ask me is..."So who is living at home with you now?"  

I wish I would have taken a before picture.....but we went  right to work this weekend cleaning.
There is a rummage sale at our church.  So we are donating all our unwanted items to the sale.  

This is a picture of the middle of the project......oh wait you can't see pictures from my basement until we find the cord to upload pictures from the camera....because apparently we have three cameras and only one cord in this house.  Sorry.....

But here is a picture from Pinterest of what I hope my basement will look like when I am finished...
I am hoping for several things:
1. No items stored on the floor.....all buckets must be on a shelf.
2.  Go through all the buckets we have and make sure we really want those items.
3.  Relabel each bucket and make sure they are correctly labeled. 
4.  Sweep the floor.

Again .... not a glamorous job... just a job that needs to be done :)

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