Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Organizing the Basement Storage Area

I wanted to straighten and organize the basement storage area first because it was impossible to to put things away downstairs.

 I could not even walk through the storage area!!!!!

 This area has become the family dumping ground.

We are storing things for children who no longer even live with us.....for their friends....and my favorite item that is being stored...the newspaper collections...btw...one of three... all the newspapers the boys collected each time the Packers won the Superbowl and the playoff games leading up to it as well.    And please don't over look the 30 year old ping pong table of my husband's.

My goal was simple.....organize the storage area and get everything off the floor.

 I went through all the books and boxes and donated a lot of unneeded things to the church rummage sale.

And now my storage area looks like this:

It's now quite my dream basement

But is is clean and organized :)

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