Friday, June 17, 2011

Front Door

A while back I found this picture

It has me thinking how can I fix up my front door first I wanted to paint my front door yellow then I found this picture on Pinterest
I love red too.....but hubby is not that excited about the boldness of the doors......

plus..... we have storm doors .... not exactly the same look.

And to be honest I am not willing to give up the breeze I get from the screen on my front is the only opening I have from the east on the first floor.

So I decided to just fix up and improve what I have ......that is the project I am working on the next two weeks around the house.

Of course I started dreaming and looking at all the ideas on can look at my board here if you are interested.

Here is my before picture and watch throughout the week and I'll post my progress......

Don't be surprised when I take the wreaths down for the summer....I do not like they way they don't look on the screens.

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