Monday, June 20, 2011

Working on the Front Porch Day 1

This week I am working on improving the front porch of my house.   It is the first thing people see when they drive up to my house....I want to have a great first welcoming impression.

So here is what I am starting with..

Since my husband did not like the idea of painting the door a color ...... I decided to add a pop of color in another way.  

I thought a bench under the address would be awesome.  
Of course I started at Pinterest to see what my options are:
I like this red bench from Pinterest but I think it is too big. 
I like the simple bench...... photo from Pinterest.
I like the flower pots on the bench....nice touch.
photo from Pinterest

I found this bench at Michaels and with the 50% off coupon.... $6.....what a great deal.  

If you want to see the other cute benches I found check out my garden benches on Pinterest.

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