Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Repurposing and More Spray Paint

Don't you just love this picture from Pinterest.....

I thought something like this would look cute on my new red bench outside my front door......

I found this green pot that one of my students gave me for teacher appreciation day.  I put the flower in another pot for  a while.   I washed out the pot.  Then I was ready to work with my new favorite thing....white spray paint.

I wanted my pot to be white so it would not blend in with my red bench.  Next, I added red spots.  

Thinking back on the project.... I think I should have made the spots bigger.  

Last.....I tied some twine around the pot.....I had to use some double stick tape to hold the twine in place. Put the flowers back in the pot.......and beautiful  :)  

This whole project reminded me of ladybugs.......which now I am obsessed with....wait until tomorrow's project.  

My kids and husband think I am nuts.

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