Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Off

My husband and I have been working a lot lately so we took a nice summer day off.  We went on a little day adventure about an hour from our house, Lake Geneva.

It is a little city with shops, farmers' market, and of course a lake.  We went for a short walk around part of the lake and looked at some of the lake houses.  Can you believe that these are someones' vacation homes?

There is a 19 mile walk around the lake.........we only went for a little bit.  Then we went out to lunch at

Go, Milwaukee Brewers!!!
This was my husband's pick, I am not a baseball fan.  But the restaurant had nothing to baseball and we had a great lunch.  

Afterwards, we went on a bike ride.  FYI....the bike paths in Lake Geneva are not worth taking your bike.   However we rode our bikes on some back roads.....OMG......very hilly.  

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