Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flowers for the Teachers

When a friend saw the pencil vase I made last week.....

she asked me if I could do something similar for the teacher's lounge at school.    There is no budget for the project, so I have to be resourceful.

The first stop is the Goodwill to purchase small glasses.............49 cents each!  What a deal!!!

Next I have a bucket of colored pencils that I saved from last year's class laying in the basement.  Originally I wanted to sharpen them and then donate them, but I did not get that far yet so I decided to use them for this project.

Cost of recycled pencils   0.

I did have to buy flowers from Michaels on sale this week.     Cost about $ 12 for all four vases.  :)


Wise words to live by..............

I know that our Teacher's Lounge is not Glamorous but I think my flower vases brighten up the place a bit. :)

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