Saturday, October 15, 2011

Guest Bedroom Ideas

pictures from pinterest
Now that my boys are growing up and moving out I find myself with an extra bedroom......

I have a small closet in my bedroom so I am thinking of moving my clothes into this room and fixing it up as a guest bedroom.

As you can see I found some beautiful ideas on pinterest that I would like to incorporate into the room.

To be honest this room has one small window and is very dark.....

My goal for this room is to make it look nice but still functional.  I really do not have a budget for this I am going to try to reuse or repurpose things I already have around the house.

I do plan on purchasing two shoe organizers from Ikea.....this week.

I want my husband to build me one of these laundry organizers for behind the bedroom door because right now this is the room we keep our dirty wash in.  

I have an old chair in the basement.  I will look for a cheap slipcover for it and move it upstairs.  I also like the yellow mirror.......maybe I could find a mirror at the goodwill or antique shop and paint it.  

The other thing I think I can get done before Christmas is the curtains.....I am going to buy some yellow material and sew it to some white shears.

After Christmas I will buy this bookcase from Ikea .....

and I will look into creating a headboard for the bed

I would like to incorporate these jars somewhere into the room.

My biggest challenge will be not getting carried away with the yellow.....I just want it to be an accent color not over powering.  

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