Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Shopping List for Ikea

For those of you who live near an Ikea you are so lucky.....I need to drive about 80 miles to the nearest Ikea....into the suburbs of Chicago.

I am taking a personal day from work......for this adventure.....traffic is so crazy on the weekends, plus it is my daughter's Fall break from school and we are making it a girls day.

She needs two more pillows for her college apartment
I am looking for two shoe organizers
Width: 35 "Depth: 11 3/4 "Height: 50 $139

some picture frames to create this look

Ikea has this frame for 19.99
It is about 22 by 22 . 
 I am going to measure the wall out and see if I have enough space for 9.
That should be enough damage to my pocket book for now.   I will have to wait until after Christmas for another trip.  

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