Monday, December 26, 2011


My dad has a saying……
“better every day”

I never applied his saying to my life…..until now.  I was shopping last weekend at Francesca’s and I found this book:

At first I was going to give it to my dad for Christmas…….BUT than I started reading the book and it caught my interest.  I am keeping the book for myself and taking the time to reflect on it.  First of all what am I willing to do better each day this week to meet my Goals for 2012:

1.               Improve what I eat for breakfast
2.              Exercise every day

001  Be the master of your own happiness

Happiness occurs because of how we choose to live our lives. 

The Choices you make each day influence your happiness.

Homework AssignmentWhat makes you happy..

·      Traveling to new places
·      Organizing things
·      Decorating
·      Riding my bike
·      Reading
·      Creating something
·      A clean and organized house
·      Learning something new
·      Shopping with my daughter
·      Spending time with my mom
·      Teaching
·      Creating lessons for my little ones
·      A healthy ME
·      Wearing FUN clothes..not FAT clothes!

I Love Paris :)  I guess I can not go to Paris right now my family would be upset if I left in the middle of the you are welcome to join my on my pretend trip from Pinterest...

Here is where I want to go next...........

What brings you happiness????

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