Monday, January 16, 2012

Attacking the Paper

Simplify and Organize Week One
from Pinterest

If only life could be as simple as this picture I found on Pinterst.  It looks like  a little table in Italy that you could just sit at and relax with a lemonade and read for a couple of hours.  Imagine!

One of my goals for 2012 is to simplify and organize my life and my first task is to attack my messiest area of the house, my CRAFT/WORK AREA. 

This doesn’t look like a calm creative area to work in.  I want to clean up my paper mess first.  I have HUGE paper mess.  I have mounds of scrapbook paper and baskets of school paper to sort through and organize.  

Short of a fire this could take two weeks, I am afraid to throw out an idea for school.  There are so many ideas and I just want to save them all.  I also have two bins of art projects that I have organized into Ziploc bags.  I need to come up with some kind of organizing system for them as well.  

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Zina :: Let's Lasso the Moon said...

Me too. I keep repeating these 100 Thing Challenges in different spots of my house:

This week I did my closet! Good luck.