Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten Promise

In a weird way I have been waiting for Lent to come to this year.  I saw this project last year on the Internet towards the end of Lent and I thought what a wonderful project.  The thought of working toward simplicity in the name of Jesus appealed to me.  I have A LOT of belongings, my husband would argue to many belongings. 

When I first read about this project at August Fields, I was so inspired by Saras approach to simple living.  I started reading more and here I am on my own journey of simplicity and organization. 

I am excited to create my own list and begin my work.  

40 bags for 40 days
Lenten project

1.    Food from the kitchen
2.    Kitchen utensils and pans/dishes
3.    Clean out the dining room cupboards
4.    Go through the bookshelves
5.    The front closet
6.    The laundry room
7.    The family room shelves
8.    The family room closet
9.    The basement step hooks
10.   My dresser
11.    My hamper
12.   My jewelry
13.   Joe’s dresser
14.   Joe’s closet
15.   The extra closet
16.   My craft table/shelf
17.   Joe’s desk
18.   Gift wrap table
19.   Craft counter
20.   Junk shelf
21.   School shelf
22.  Book bin
23.   Bookcase #1
24.  Bookcase #2
25.   Shelf 1
26.  Shelf 2
27.   Shelf 3
28.  Shelf 4
29.   Tool bench
30.   Tool shelf
31.   Basement floor
32.   Basement tv area
33.   Attic
34.   Attic
35.   Attic
36.   Attic
37.   Attic
38.   Rag cabinet
39.   Garage
40.   Garage

I am also reading each day as well.   I am reading this ebook by Tracie Stier-Johnson.  

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