Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why G-Free?

Why are you G-free?
I am sure you have noticed more and more g-free recipes, blogs, and topics popping up around my site.  No I do not have celiac disease or an allergy to wheat.  Yes I did go get tested and the results say no. 

But my body does not agree.  This is not a sudden decision on my part.  I cannot tell you how much I love cookies and muffins and banana cake, oh wait dont forget pasta and bread! 

However it has been over 10, wait 15 years of feeling yucky most of the time.  Tired, all the time!  Tummy Troubles, all the time!  I know where every bathroom is everywhere and which ones are clean and dirty!  Thats unpleasant!  So whats the deal!  I already tried the high fiber thing and that makes me bloated and adds to the problems.  So where does that leave a person, a person who teaches for a living and can not run to the bathroom every five minutes and leave five year olds unattended!  So far my solution is not to eat much of anything until I get home, and that causes over eating!  I have given up soda/caffeine, dairy products, and recently chocolate.  I cannot eat nuts, grapes and then there are meats that do not agree with the tummy! So whats left?

After reading several articles, lots of denial and resistance, I decided to give a gluten free diet a try this year. 

As you know I am reading, Better Each Day, by Jessica Cassity, and one of her suggestions is to just have a trial elimination of gluten from your diet.  See how you feel. 

 I started out reading Elizabeth Hasselbecks book, which led  me to her site and there I found this checklist of symptoms.  I dont want to seem like one of the crazy people who have everything but I do want to feel better.
 I highly recommend her book if you are thinking of trying to go gluten free.

So two weeks of eating g-free has me feeling better and eating better too.  You have to really think before you eat.  You have examine everything you eat.  Read every label and walk through the process slowly to make sure what you are eating is truly g-free.  I am making most of my lunches and dinners from scratch.  I am not going out for dinner as much and not just grabbing food to eat.  I am eating lots of fruits and veggies.  I am feeling better so I will continue with this experiment,  until Easter.  Then I will evaluate if this lifestyle has made enough positive changes in my health.  

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