Sunday, March 11, 2012

GF Week 4 Menu

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This is week four of GF eating and I am doing well.  My only problem is my son.  He is not liking the GF eating plan.  He is not liking any eating plan that does not have hamburgers, pizza and lots more meat and potatoes.  So you can see from my plan this week I am trying to adapt a bit more to him.  I find that if I don't tell him it is GF, then he doesn't seem to notice or complain much.  I think the less veggies he sees on his plate the less complaining he will do.  I also made some GF chocolate chip muffins and cookies.  Not Good!   I will continue to work at it.  I may have to rename my blog, the GF disasters.

The graphic I picked this week for my menu is on sale on etsy I am thinking of purchasing it.  I am thinking of redoing the wall in my kitchen with a chalkboard and lemon graphics around it.  I need to think on it a bit more, but I do want to order this graphic.  It is so cute!

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