Saturday, March 10, 2012


Doodle Bugs Teaching
I think every teacher and parent should have this hanging somewhere in their house/classroom.  I hung my copy right next to my desk at school to remind me all day long to make each child in my class feel special.

We often forget that what we say and do really does impact our children.

 It is my goal as a parent this year that every time my kids stop by (I know they are older now) to make sure that I stop whatever I am doing and make sure they know they are more important than my school work.  I give them as many hugs as I can and tell them as often as possible that they are loved!

At school with twenty little ones it can be hard sometimes to keep calm and patient with all of them yelling for something different.  I sometimes feel like not one of them listened to the directions I gave.  But when all is said and done, they are the nicest littlest ones around.  I really do have a nice class this year.  They do have a lot of energy and volume but they do genuinely  care about others.  Each day they make me smile. :)

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