Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Proud Mommy Moment

This is a wonderful Mother's Day gift.  My third son just graduated with a Masters degree in Accounting.  This is my baby boy who has worked very had throughout his entire school life.  I mean hours and hours of time at the dining room table each night.  Hours and hours of my husband and I worrying will he make it to the next grade, he struggled all the way through grade school.  Until one day in high school, the classes became more about math and analyzing then suddenly he began to soar.
He has never looked back.  He always challenges himself to do his best, to be in the top ten of his class.  He always knows where is his and pushes himself to do better!  

These are my wonderful children. 
 I am one week away from all four graduating from college.  I can almost relax!

My crazy boys!

The whole family, to bad the lighting was so dark.  It would have been a nice picture.  Maybe next week at my daughter's graduation!

This is my wonderful mom who never misses a moment in any of her grandchildrens' lives!

Happy Mother's Day to You!

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