Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Organize Your Laptop

Today's project was simple but extremely necessary.  I needed to organize all the files on my laptop.  Well actually I don't save much on my hard drive.  I save almost everything on dropbox.com.  I use dropbox because I use two different computers at home and three different computers at work.  This way  I am able to access all my files whenever necessary without having to carry around a flash drive.

So when I arrive at dropbox,

I see my four main files.
Then after that I put everything in sub files.
This is a sampling of my graphic folders.  

This is my main headings of my Home files.

This is my main headings of my School files.  I share some of these files with other teachers at school as well.

I even went inside each file and organized all the sub files.  However I spared you from having to look at all the file pictures.  You will have to trust me that I worked on this projected for 4 hours.  

I know this project was not on my list, but it does feel good to have the files organized.
:)  Sue

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