Friday, June 15, 2012

Reorganize Your Garden

This was my view from my kitchen window, this morning.  I don't know about you but during the summer I wash dishes at least twice a day.  
So I thought I would do something about the four lonely hostas that were growing in the corner of our yard.

First I started with this chair planter I bought last year on clearance for ten dollars.   I roughed it up with sand paper and then I spray painted it red with left over red paint.  

Then my husband and I were off to the garden shop.  We purchased three plants, a hydrangea (one of my favorites) a bleeding heart (one of his mom's favorites) and a blue mountain flower. ( It is suppose to attract butterfly and humming birds.)

We reorganized the hostas and spread them out evenly.  It is hard to see the bleeding heart plant but it is on the left between the first two hostas.  The red chair sort of blends in with the fence in the picture, however it does stand out a little bit more when you see it up close. The plants on the chair were gifts from my students.  Oh!  I found my butterfly mobile (my husband had it hiding in the garage) and put that out as well.  

That is a better view,  Simple and Organized!

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