Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just For Me

As I have mentioned before I am reading, Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  She uses a term in her book, HOME CARING, for the way we take care of our house and the people we love in our house.  Instead of looking at it as housework, we should look at it as caring for our home. 

I really like that term, home caring, and I have taken it to heart and tried hard to apply it as I do my daily work.  I have tried to do one project a week that is important to me that is for the house.  This week I added curtains to the garage.  To be honest, I had this idea last year and my mom made the curtains for me last year.  However it has taken a year of me nagging my wonderful husband to hang them up.   

My boys put this Green Bay Packer window cling there years ago.  
I wanted my mom to sew the red ribbon on the top so it would match my chair cushions.

  You could not tell from the before picture but there is a bike hanging in front of the door. Classy!  

This is something only I will appreciate as I come home from work each day.  It will make me feel happy and to me it is a sign that someone cares  and loves this house.   

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