Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reclaiming The Basement

Dreaming and Planning

Basements can be anything these days and I haven’t done much to our basement mainly because you never know what will be down there.  The last four years have been transition years for us with our four children moving in and out and in and out.  As soon as I fix something up one of the children want it and take it with them or we end up with things down there that our children left behind.

I have decided to tackle this project over the next several months.  First I have divided the our basement into five areas:
My husband’s office/music area
The exercise area
The TV area
My craft area
The storage area/work area

Each area needs a lot of love.  It does not make sense to remodel or spend a lot of money down here because we plan on moving in the next 5 to 10 years.  Therefore I just want to make it appealing and functional for us because my husband and I spend a lot of time working down here. 

Goals for Each Area:

Office/Music Area
·      Clean up clutter
·      Try to organize husband’s stuff
·      Paint desk white & file cabinet
·      Paint bulletin board white & frames
    Move two big chairs
·      I don’t know what to do with trumpet stuff
source/crates from Joanns  could I do this in white for trumpet stuff???

Exercise Area
·      Clean Up
·      Do we want to paint the bench white
source...This would be fun.

TV Area
·      Buy two white shelves from Ikea
·      Paint picture frames white
·      Paint TV Cabinet
·      New Pillows
·      Clean Up Clutter
love this picture idea from brown paper packages :)

Craft Area
·      Paint or Buy New White Shelves
·      Change my craft table to white
·      Add some kind of wall decoration between closet doors
Dream Look from Pottery Barn

Storage Area
·      New shelves for my school stuff
·      New cabinets/counter top for gift wrap area
·      Another Pegboard for my working space
·      Finish up straightening the storage area/declutter more

love the drawers... source
This is a big goal and I hope to finish it before the end of the year.  

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