Thursday, August 9, 2012

Balance Life

“If you have you a healthy mind, a healthy heart, and reserves of stamina and creative energy to draw on, the world is literally lying at your feet.  With your health you have everything.”
Sarah Ban Breathnach

I wrote at the beginning of the year some resolutions.  One of my main resolutions is to lose weight.  Mainly for my health, I thought training for the 60 mile bike ride would help me.  However when I fell off my bike at the end of June and fractured my right elbow, that ended my bike riding for the summer.  I was feeling bad I only lost four pounds and was very frustrated. 

So I decided to follow another co-worker’s suggestion.  She went on the HCG-diet and was having a lot of success.  I went to her doctor to find out more information and to see if I would be a good candidate for the diet.   I and was able to go on the diet. 

It has not been easy.  It is a restrictive diet.  You can only eat certain foods, and I hate seafood.  However, I want to be healthy. 

As of today I lost 18 pounds and 11 inches.  I was so excited I almost jumped all the way home.  But it is way more than just the pounds and inches it is becoming a lifestyle change. 

Now when I go in the car, I always take a glass of water with me and an apple if I am going to be gone during one of my snack times. 

I do not eat between or after the meals.  I only eat on my schedule.  
I eat my breakfast apple at 10:00.  Then lunch is at 12:00, generally chicken and cucumbers or celery with four cherry tomatoes.  Then 3:00 is snack, strawberries or apple.  Dinner can be fish, shrimp or chicken.  I mix it up with spinach or asparagus and of course tomatoes. 

No eating after meals.  I drink ice passion tea or ice green tea with stevia packets and lots and lots water. 

I basically have no carbs or sugar………to be honest I am feeling great.

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