Saturday, September 22, 2012

Organizing with Love

Desk Cleaning Again…….Really

This is the challenge that never ends. This week the challenge at ABFOL is to clean and organize the desk.  It's not that my husband's desk does not need to be cleaned, it's just that I clean it and then he messes it,  I mean works at it.

As I write this post my husband is back at the desk we just cleaned making a mess I mean working.  I am very thankful that my husband works so hard and has a wonderful job.  I just don’t understand how he can work in such chaos.

I came home from work today motivated to get the job done.  I promised not to change anything and not to buy anything for this project.  So I had to organize with the materials we already had. 

I really just cleaned up this area and added a little love.  I have organized this area several times.  The problem is, Can the husband work with organization I set up?  

I added these old boxes from my scrapbook paper.   I organized some items that he does not use often in them such as:  cords (I don’t think he needs these cords but he insists he needs them.)  CDs  (Again I don’t think we need most of these but he is holding on to them.)  slides  (One of these days he is going to take these to the store and convert them to CDs.)   Checks  (Yes, we still use these!)  I thought if I put these things in the boxes he could still access them however they are out of sight. 

In the bright green boxes I put the extra computer ink and the camera accessories.  I separated the camera accessories from the cords so my husband would not be confused every time he opened up the cord boxes.  I also relabeled the baskets to make it easier to find the little things.

I organized the pads of paper and all the thank you cards and envelopes.   
My husband has several different kinds of envelopes for different places so I put little tabs on them so he could easily find them.   
I straightened up the computer and construction paper under the printer.   I went through the home management binders and updated all the papers.

As far as adding some love to his area, I added a picture of his mom and dad.  I also put a picture of his family.  I recovered the bulletin board with black/white contact paper.  I used that same contact paper to cover my school prize box that I keep on the file cabinet.  I add some black paper to the pencil cups to match the bulletin board.  

I added some family pictures on top of the desk  and an artificial plant.  We worked together on the project and went through a lot of unnecessary paper work.  Tomorrow is shredding day.  Yeah!

Thank you Toni for this challenge, hopefully this organization will work for my husband. 


Jen C. said...

This is improvement that is inspiring! The idea to label the various envelopes with tabs is a very handy hint to have shared. I'm sure your husband will be even more successful with your organizing support working to streamline his work!

Kate Murphy said...

That looks like a huge improvement! I hope he can stick with it and see how much easier it is to work in a more organized space :) Sometimes I don't know how I accomplished what I have in the messes that my desk has been in. Great work this week!

Elizabeth said...

Looks great! I don't really have an office, more like a corner space in our rental home. Still working on it. Anyways, great job!

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with that space, it really is a big improvement! It looks so practical, organized, and easy to find everything :)

I found your blog through a link posted at a link party at A Bowl Full of Lemons, and since I'm interested in organization and pretty much all the things you post about, I'm now your new follower.

I recently started a decoration blogs where I feature people's houses and spaces ( I also blog about my life in general ( Looking forward to read more of your posts! :)