Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving Ahead toward my Dream

I finally did it!  I called a carpenter to give me an estimate on the laundry room and the downstairs bathroom.  I printed some pictures from pinterest of my favorite ideas. 

Here is my wish list:

1.    Get rid of doors on the wall and drywall the wall
2.   New white tall toilet
3.    New white sink
4.   New floor
5.    New bathroom door
source  I like this but it is over my budget and most likely too big for the space.

1.    New sink/possible cabinet
2.   New upper cabinet doors
3.    New lower shelves for hangers
4.   Some place to hang things
5.    New door
source  I love this sink.  I need to find something smaller but I hope to find this farm style sink if possible.  

Sorry no source for this photo.... I love the cabinets.  

source  I would like the shelf for my baskets of hangers.

1.    New Floor
2.   New door by closet and basement
3.    New blinds
4.   New light

Craft Room:
1.    frame wall and put up white pegboard
2.  Buy 2 cabinets from Martha Stewart Living

Tomorrow I will find out more about the possibilities I will have!

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