Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 10 Organizing Permanent Markers

Organizing Permanent Markers

Today as I was looking for a green sharpie I was thinking I should really reorganize these markers.  I thought of an idea I saw on Pinterest and inspiration came to me I will sort my markers by colors. 

Looks good in the soup cans!   I put the soup cans in the basket. However I don’t like the paper on the sides of the cans that I could not get off.  

So I decided to cover the cans with washi tape.  I purchased most of the washi tape from Target.   The basket is from Target  too.  
I love how the project turned out!  It looks so cute and organized.  I had so many markers I had to keep the bigger markers in the yellow vase on the side.  Can you believe I almost bought a pack of sharpies last week, what was I thinking?

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