Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 17 Rethink Your Cabinet Space

I found some unused space in my family room.  I have four large bookshelves with cabinets on the bottom half of each one.  I have not looked inside the cabinets for a long time and you would not believe what I found inside. 

The first cabinet is home to my cookbooks and magazines.  I cleaned it out and found a $75 check from 2010 for my daughter. 
I reorganized all my cookbooks down to the top shelf.  On the lower shelf I put all my organization books and craft books.  The right side will be my Christmas Binder and receipts.  I even organized the top shelves. 

I found this almost empty cabinet.   I put these papers and envelopes away in the correct places.  

I cleaned it out and put in all our cocktail glasses.  
Things are looking better.  :)

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